Intruder 🚨

I was wondering if anyone know how to make Wyze cam to be used as a motion sensor that would activate Phillips hue lights to start blinking red and at the same time to play a certain song on Alexa or google speakers. Thank you in advance.

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Hi @osscar228. I just created an applet in IFTTT that turns on my garage lights if it detects motion from my garage camera:

It’s quite simple to create an If This Then That account, add your Wyze devices, and then add your Phillips Hue set up. I have SmartThings rather than Phillips, so I used this in the example.

Just keep in mind the limitations:

  1. IFTTT response may be delayed as much as 15 minutes (usually shorter)

  2. The 5 minute cool down period means you will have a five minute timeout after each trigger