Rules have stopped working

I got my dad a camera and a sense kit, he likes the camera, but isn’t as patient as I/you are so he just threw out the sensors.

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My cameras are working fine I just wanted to add that. And the delay between when I trigger a sense and then get the notification is about 15 minutes. But it is still not turning on the lights

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Same here …sensor delay notifications about 30 minutes.

I’m getting multiple notifications now too. I’ve gotten a notification that my door was closed six times

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Also I can turn the lights on manually they’re just not working with the rules. Wanted to add that so that you knew that the lights do work

Around post 130 all these same symptoms were discussed about 3 weeks ago. The notifications sometimes are timely sometimes delayed.

Yeah, I forgot to mention that I can use voice with Alexa to turn the lights on without delay, same with clicking the button in the app. But it’s still haunted otherwise


I don’t think the issue is on the Alexa side, it is the communications from Wyze to Alexa, not vice versa


That’s what I figured also. Actually, the delay is even with standard sensor app notification also which has nothing to do with Alexa, so yeah, a Wyze communication problem


Thanks for reporting this, everyone! Here’s the update:

1/02/20 6:00 PM PT - We have found a cloud issue leading to a slow down in status changes for Wyze devices. Wyze contact and motion sensors are the most affected by this and it could cause a delay of about 30 minutes for notifications and Rules. We are working on this and expect to have this resolved in about an hour. We apologize for the inconvenience.


And I’m told that this is now resolved! If you’re still having trouble with a slow down, please contact our customer support team here:

Wyze Customer Support


The ghost has gone away …
I’m getting notification without any delay.
Thanks Wyze!


Now there is light again when I enter the room! Thanks Wyze for getting this one solved. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! Thank you all for your help with getting this sorted out. :slight_smile:


@paindonthurt : This note is not a solution to your Wyze device problem, but a perspective that there are better and more appropriate ways of doing certain things. If you enjoy a science project, that’s a different story, but if you already have your closets wired electrically to accept an light bulb then you’ve done 80% of the work. Just put a manual switch on the light bulb for a 100% reliable operation. As for your laundry, get a motion detector wall switch and that’ll work every time. I’m saying this because I also considered using wireless gimmicks for the very same applications as yours, but decided that those weren’t the proper tools for the job.

I don’t have a Wyze device problem everything is working just fine. I’m not sure what you’re referring to?

Not sure if this is happening again, but I have a contact sensor on my shop with a rule to turn on several Wyze plugs. Since yesterday or the day before the rule seems to have stopped working. I know the contact sensor is working because it activates another light via IFTTT, just not the Wyze plugs.

Sorry to hear that! I know that we’re in the middle of servers catching up so this is an awkward time to ask. But has this improved since you posted?

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I had the rules fail again, but when I checked the sensors, they had disconnected from the camera. I did some additional research and found posts indicating that the Pan Cam doesn’t work well with the bridge (under powered was the consensus.) I’ve switched to a V2 camera and so far the sensors are working again. I’ll need to monitor them to see if they stay connected.

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Just recently, my V2 cam hasn’t been switching on with my motion sensor rule.


  1. Camera can be manually turned on and it works.
  2. Motion sensor works and is able to trigger Alexa.
  3. I’ve tried deleting and re-creating the rule.
  4. I’ve tried deleting and re-adding camera.
  5. I’ve had these for a year now and this rule setup was working fine prior.