Wyze Sense (external motion sensor) and Alexa routing being triggered..not consistent

If you have a notification, the problem is NOT on your side.

It’s either on our side or on the Alexa side. I’ve warned the engineering team and they will try to investigate. It will take a little bit of time to figure it out.

Oh for grins once again tonight 2/11/20 I trued the devices again and I received NO NOTIFICATIONS on Wyze app from Motion Sense. Not even that there was motion sense. It showed a cloud with a line through it for the motion sense. SO I deleted all devices and re-added them. I disabled Alexa routine and re-enabled it. I forced stop Wyze app on Android phone. I disabled the Wyze skill (Alexa) which prob is not need for this and then re-enabled it. I DO NOT control Wyze with the Alexa. So after setting everything back up and about 6 attempts, the Alexa did notice a trigger the first time and it ran the routine. The remaining 5 times Alexa was not triggered at all. In some cases I did not get a CLEARED notif on my phone but did see it was clear hwne looking in the Wyze App. So all in all there are some problems either with devices I have or Alexa integration perhaps is still not fully baked. The Wyze camera and Sense have all been put in a drawer at this point. Thanks, Peter

this is cable internet and have not test on 4g.
I have a kindle setup and have no really problem with delays. The trigger has to go to Seattle then unknown after that and then come back a It like 4 to 6 delay for Alexa to say something.

When I first got on the internet. The email use to tell you how it got to you. A email was sent would go across the world before it got to me.