Motion sensor Alexa routine

Anyone have issues with V1 motion sensors and Alexa routines?

I have a routine to turn on my lights when my Wyze Motion Sensor detects motion and another to turn off my lights 5 minutes after motion is cleared.

Over the past few months, I noticed my routine to turn off my lights only works half the time. The routine to turn on my lights always works. I’ve recreated the routine and done debugging from my side however, this only seems to happen after 10:00 PM est.

Too bad we can’t directly access logs as that would make troubleshooting much easier.

I’ve opened tickets multiple times and submitted logs but, since the issue is intermittent, by the time my issue is looked at and checked by support, my routine starts to work again.

I’ll try to grab more logs next time I notice the issue.

This is not the same issue I had with Alexa. I am using Wyze Sense Motion. The ones that come with the security bundle