A wyzer bulb

I bought the bulbs (and the cams and the senses), but I’m disappointed with the bulb functionality. In order to work, there needs to be power to the bulb all the time…not a problem.

The problem is this: I would expect that the BIGGEST use case for the bulb is: TURN ON when motion is detected AND light is needed (i.e. it’s dark) AND TURN OFF after a pre-set period of time goes by without any motion. That is the way that the cheap/dumb motion-detecting bulbs work. I thought these would be an upgrade, but the way it works now is: EITHER the bulb TURNS ON with motion (and stays on indefinitely, unless manually turned off) whenever motion is detected, WHETHER OR NOT light is needed.

That is sub-par for such a great product company…

Mark J.

You can set a bulb to turn on when motion is detected, and set the bulb to turn off once there is no motion.

I have my bulbs set to turn on when the motion sensor detects motion. Also, I have the bulbs to turn off after motion is clear. This is done in the shortcuts, and it is totally automated not manually. So far it works perfectly every time. You have to do two separate actions, one for on and one for off after clear.

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See , schedules and automations , here


Thanks. I just tried this, but my app does not allow me to select when a camera is clear… Maybe only when a motion detector is clear? Would it be possible to add this?

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yeah that doesn’t work hopefully they will add it
See this thread , and vote

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the cameras only the Wyze motion sensor.

Thanks! I KNEW I couldn’t be the only one…

Exactly. Very simple feature.

Why can’t the “turn on bulb on motion/person detection” automation offer a timer option, i.e. turn off after 5 minutes.