Am I missing something ? (wyze bulb)

Trying to get my office light on and off with the motion sensor. Comes on fine, but if I am too still it shuts off with just the “Becomes clear” switch. I tried to use the “Has been clear for” but it never has worked, It just stays on. Am I missing something? Thanks for any feedback.


I’m wondering if that option is not available yet according to this thread:

Did you see this?

“This means that you can set up a Shortcut to have your Wyze Bulb turn on when your contact sensor is opened, then have another Shortcut set to turn it back off after a set period of no motion detected in the room.”

That makes it sound like it’s possible though.

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I have been playing with the bulbs, scheduling, motion sensors and contact sensors for about 24 hours now. (I did get a few hours sleep, though.)
I seem to have the scheduling down. Though it would be nice to have a “sunrise” & “sunset” option based on some Internet standard for the local time zone. Anyway…
I also think I have figured out how to setup shortcuts to turn on a light when motion is detected and then another shortcut to dim them after the motion sensor clears. And I can turn lights on when a contact sensor opens and turns off the light when it closes.

BUT, I cannot get the lights to shut off or do anything else if I select the “after x minutes” option. I have not found anything that tells me this won’t work. I had assumed that because I could configure it, that it would work.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do?


Exactly, everything seems to work except “has been clear for x minutes” option for the motion sensor. The light just stays on.

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I set up a basement light to turn on With motion sensor Then set another to turn off after 15 minutes And it works tested it Many times.
I don’t know if this is what you want just What I Set up and it works

@HDRock, I want to do the same thing with a family room light and a contact sensor on a door to the garage. It works fine if I set the shut off trigger to fire when the sensor is closed. The shortcut to turn the light on when the door opens, works great. But, if I set the event to trigger after 1 minute, the light never goes off.

I have a motion sensor shortcut that is supposed to dim a grouped pair of lights 3 minutes after the sensor clears. That does not happen. But, again, if I have it trigger as soon as the motion sensor clears, it works fine.

I think I have things set correctly. I don’t what else to try.

See this

Don’t use, has been clear for, use has been on for , then set the time you want it to stay on

I believe there is an issue on Wyzes end, Up until about 7pm EST today the option for “detect sensor motion for” and “sensor motion has been cleared for” were working to turn on and off the bulbs. Now no matter what, this automation task is broken. However, switching both on and off tasks to just detect motion or motion clear is working. I even tried repairing the bulbs, did not work. For some reason it’s borked atm.

Thanks doc for the input.

You have your bulbs already!?! Lucky!!!

I think you might be right I’m having trouble now And the person detection wacked out too about that time

This was helpful, thanks @HDRock
I’d rather use the motion clears after a certain amount time/TurnOff but this is a good workaround

I’m having similar problem where shortcut to turn off light doesn’t work. It worked for few hours yesterday but now it just turns on with shortcut but not off. I’m using door sensor as trigger. Two shortcuts. One to turn on when door opens. Other to turn off when door has been closed for 2 min. This off function does not work.

Wyze app did something to screw it up. Yesterday I remember seeing separate door open and door close notifications. Now it only says door open for how many seconds. DON’T FIX IF IT AIN’T BROKEN WYZE GUY.
Now the shortcuts don’t work to vturn off the light.

I saw that to , now it’s now showing like that

Yep the “turn off light after X minutes” doesn’t work. I tried multiple ways and it never works.

I also can’t get “turn on lights after camera detects motion, or sound” to work either.

I can get “turn off lights after sensor is closed”, that works fine.

Someone told me that an updated version of the motion sensor software will allow a variable time to wait until attempting to clear, or something like that. I figure that setting it for at least 5 minutes would prevent the lights from going out because I’ve been out of the sensor line of sight for 30 seconds. I have that with the Hue sensor for lights in the basement and it’s much better that way. But the Hue sensor by itself is $30, and only works with Hue lights.