Wyze Bulbs - Auto turn off timer after triggered events with the camera

Please make this one happen. I contacted tech support a week ago with questions about why I couldn’t find the camera motion “goes clear” option under shortcuts. The wording in the Wyze Sense video implies this is an option for cameras as well as the PIR motion sensor. The tech support guy thought it was too, but he found it’s not. I do have a Wyze motion sensor, but it’s not really conducive to use in one location where I need this function activating lights. Based on how the other features in the app work, I can’t imagine it’s too complicated to add a trigger using an off-timer after a camera ceases to detect motion. Please?


I have tried tonight to get cams to turn on lights, the option is available, but it does not seem to work. Tried two different rooms/sets of cams/lights.

I actually don’t have any cameras set to turn on lights , just sensors. I know other people have
I could try it out

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I do have a camera that I rigged for outdoor use turning on a Wyze bulb that I have put on the porch and it is working. How do you have yours setup

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I set up a camera and bulb for the camera to turn the bulb on when motion is detected , it comes on but seems slow compared to the sensors it takes about 8 to 10 seconds before the light comes on.
By the way , the camera the Bulb and the router are in the same room
The only way I got it to turn off was to tell Alexa to turn it off or turn it off in the app

How do you turn yours off?

Turning them off is an issue currently, I have to cheat and do it through SmartThings and WebCore. When the light turns on it also triggers a virtual switch in SamrtThings and after a set time that switch gets turned off which sends a web request to IFTTT to turn off the bulb. It is a convoluted work around but it works.
I was mainly just replying to him more about the fact he couldnt get them to turn on the lights. That part should work fine.

Ok, I see

I should also add when using a camera to achieve it, if the light is in view of the camera you have to have it shut off before it gets out of its 5 minute cooldown, otherwise it picks up the change in light as motion and it just goes off and on all night. Found that out the hard way.

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Yeah I knew it was going to do that and it did , unless I told Alexa to turn it off before the 5 minutes

When I first set the camera to turn on the bulb it didn’t work, then I realized I did not have motion sensing turned on, on that camera, so make sure motion sensing is on in camera settings

I did find one way you can have them shut off, you can set up a shortcut to turn the bulb off after so many minutes of being on, that looks to be the only way if you are using a camera to turn it on.

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Yep that works
Action , Dan light , turn off, automation , event, Dan light, has been on for 3 minutes

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That worked! Thanks for the suggestion. But of course now it will turn off after x minutes whether the bulb is triggered by an event or switched on manually through the app. And I still need to find a way to make the lights not come on during daylight hours. One step at a time…

Exactly. I have one set to come on at dusk. I want it on until I turn it off.

Action on Light > Turn on & 100% brightness when Automation > Cam > Event > Detects motion. Cam has motion detection on high with motion tagging enabled.

After rebooting the cams, the function works about 10% of the time. It seems like both people and other motion has to be enabled, and the amount of motion needed is more than just any recognition from the camera. Will continue to test throughout the night. I have the light to turn off after 2 min of being on, and it has worked.

Turning bulb on by camera motion detection works 100% of the time , (detection setting is 50% ) And the off setting works 100% of the time but , there is still 10 second leg after motion is detected before the bulb comes on.
The motion sensors and contact sensors turn lights on almost instantly

I was able to enter and leave the room about 5 times before the cam would trigger the light. The auto off after 2 min seems to work fine, but the actual triggering of the light from camera detection has about a 20% success rate in my set up. Both cam & light on same electrical circuit.

It takes a bit longer using the cam as opposed to the sense motion sensor because of the way the cam notifies of motion I belive, someone can correct me if I am wrong.