Can I use an outdoor Wyze Pan Cam to trigger a smart switch to turn on lights?

I would like to use an outdoor Wyze Pan Cam to detect motion and turn on lights, or perhaps have an outdoor motion sensor to trigger a compatible IFTTT? smart switch to turn on lights with a Pan Cam indoors (instead of outdoors exposed to elements, but no infrared).
Any solutions? I would love to integrate everything with Wyze but don’t think they have a smart switch, motion sensor combo that can trigger each other yet?

You can create a device trigger rule that will take motion detected by a Wyze cam or Wyze Sense motion detector and use it to trigger a Wyze Plug or Wyze Bulb. All that can be done within the Wyze app today.

They have no switch yet, but I assume you can use IFTTT to control a 3rd-party vendor’s switch. I haven’t used IFTTT for any Wyze products yet, mostly because it is not as reliable as communication within the Wyze ecosystem.

If you use a cam as the trigger to turn a light on, then you will need a separate rule to turn the light off, as there is no ‘motion cleared’ detection on a cam. So you would create a rule that says if Plug or Bulb has been on for 10 minutes (or whatever), then turn off the Plug or Bulb.

You can trigger something based on the camera’s motion detection through IFTTT, but the trigger will fire about 12-15 seconds after the motion. It happens when the video gets uploaded/notification gets sent. For something more immediate, you’d probably want to use the Sense Kit with a contact sensor or motion detector.

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Thank you, that helps.

Are you aware of whether I can order from the Wyze website for easy shipping to Canada?


I know they are working on that, but ATM I believe Wyze will only ship to the US. I believe Amazon, however will ship to Canada.

Yeah, I think Amazon is the only option, or maybe eBay. Unfortunately, I don’t think Amazon sells the Sense Kit on its own, although you can buy a Cam + Sense kit there.