Trigger smart plug by motion but not all the time

I have two Wyze cameras and three smart plugs by a different company. Currently, I have the cameras connected to the smart plugs using IFTTT. When I turn the IFTTT rule is on, if the camera detects motion, then it turns the smart plugs on. I also have timers set on the smart plugs to turn the lights on and off during the evening. The issue I have is that late in the evening when I want the lights to turn off, the smart plugs turn off just fine. However, when the lights turn off, it triggers the motion on the camera so then IFTTT sends a command to turn the plugs back on.

Anyone have an idea on how I can accomplish this so that the lights turning off doesn’t trigger the motion on the cameras?


Have you tried using the AI in camplus instead of motion detection?

Thanks for the idea but I don’t see where IFTTT can use the AI in place of motion. I also don’t have Cam Plus but that can always be changed but if IFTTT can’t be triggered by it, I don’t see any reason to try and upgrade to it.


Can’t you set the IFTTT rule to only execute at a specific time? I have rule that will turn on certain lights with detected motion , but only after sunset and before sunrise. You can also schedule when motion detection is active on your camera from within the Wyze App.

I am not that familiar with IFTT but with cam plus there looks like there are rules to trigger events with person detection but don’t see vehicle detection. I personally never had any success with outside motion detection, way too many false triggers especially on a windy day. So I was thinking of using a Wyze plug to control outside floodlights along with a camera. Not quite sure if that is a safety issue or code violation though. I do hope Wyze comes out with a good floodlight soon. Good luck getting your light feedback loop figured out.

You can use the developer platform to do this and I have one set up that might work. I will just have to play around and see. I will also want to look at the schedule in the Wyze app for motion detection. The only problem I am seeing now is that with IFTTT, you can only trigger one Wemo Plug and I need a few more than that. :slight_smile: