Wyze Bulbs - Auto turn off timer after triggered events with the camera

I think I finally have it hooked up so Wyze Camera can trigger turning on the lights. Now, I want to be able to have the lights turn off X amount of minutes after the camera STOPS detecting motion. Any ideas?

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Its interesting that this is not already a function?

Since IFTTT has no way to introduce a delay we definitely need this and it sure seems like it would take about ten minutes to copy that code over from the motion sensor. Seems silly that I have to put a motion sensor right beside a cam to make lights turn off ten minutes after motion clears.

Can you explain how to do this for laymen like me please?

Have you previously set up any rules ?
if not check this out and come back if ya need more help :slightly_smiling_face:


I have set up the lights coming on with motion from a camera but the lights went turn off. The post mentioned using a shortcut to turn them off after a period of time but the only thing I can do is turn them off by pressing the shortcut manually

You have to make a new different rule for turning it off
After you tap on add a rule you need a device trigger, tap on that , tap on device trigger plus sign again , tap on the light or group of lights you want, then tap “Has Been On For” then you set the amount of time you want it to turn off after , example 3 minutes, and save, then tap on action , then the light or group of lights you want and tap check box Turn Off , then save.
Come back and let me know if it’s working for ya


Awesome, I just realized I use the bulb as a trigger. I wasn’t seeing the “has been on” option but now I do using the light as the trigger.


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I would the ability to use the sound/motion/person detection to trigger a light bulb to turn on and then have the option to turn it off after X minutes of no motion.

Basically a security light triggered by a camera mounted outside

yup, boxing up the wyze bulbs and returning

this is such a BASIC & desirable function

1.) cam sees motion

2.) at night or time determined…but should be able to set for night

3.) bulb turns on

4.) after predetermined time bulb goes off

I’ll be putting the cheap motion sensor porch light back in place



Does anyone know what the default time period is before the light would come back on re detection from the camera? In testing, I’ve set the light to go out 10sec after it comes on. But continued motion in front of the camera after that 10secs doesn’t turn it back on. If I come back mins later it comes back on.

Also, can anyone speak to the delay you see in the time the camera sees motion to the time it takes for the light to come on?

Has anyone managed to have success with this while using wyze floodlights? If so, please explain if you don’t mind!

For the floodlight you set the time the light will stay on in the floodlight settings from 15 seconds to 15 minutes

Thank you for the reply. I do understand that the floodlights have a setting to be turned off after a certain amount of time but I couldn’t find anything that would turn them off after a certain amount of time when triggered to turn on by a rule.

I spent some time thinking about it today and I am happy to say that I have figured out a work around. It just requires a sacrificial indoor wyze bulb. I have 6 of the floodlights and needed them all to turn on if any of the 6 detected motion.

To achieve this, I set rules for each of the individual floodlight cameras to turn on the sacrificial bulb which I will call FL STATUS. I then set a rule to turn off the bulb after a set amount of time. 5 minutes in my case. One more rule, when the FL STATUS is “turned off” it triggers an action to turn off all of the floodlights. The FL STATUS functions like a switch as well. Physically powering the bulb on and off operates the floodlights without use of a device or voice assistant. Nice for when I don’t want to grab my phone and run a shortcut.

Sure, I could probably do this is ifttt somehow but this one didn’t incur any more cost or complications since I already had a spare bulb available to me. Note: I didn’t see any options for commanding floodlights in ifttt for what it’s worth.

All this said, I suppose this method could work for anyone looking to accomplish this with standard indoor bulbs too.

I do a similar thing to create timed events except I use a sacrificial Wyze Plug, and as an added bonus, I can use the plug to turn some kind of alarm or light on and off in addition to the built-in camera siren. I have at least one case where the plug does nothing but exist for the sole reason of being able to use it as a countdown timer to turn off the built-in siren when the camera detects something and turns on its siren.