Wyze light bulb help

I don’t know if it’s possible but how would I be able to set up my light bulb for being on for certain amount of minutes. For example if my Wyze cam detects motion, the light bulb turns on for 20 mins then turns off. Ty

You can click “Add Rules” in the Wyze app and set that up there. In your case, follow the steps in the app for device trigger. Automations like that can also be done in the Alexa app if you have that also. In Alexa it’s called Routines instead of rules. I prefer Alexa for me since I can mix and match items from all my smart devices of various brands, including Wyze. For example I have Routines set up to turn on a Wyze Bulb and Wyze plug when a motion sensor triggers, and another routine to turn them back off after the motion sensor has been clear for X number of minutes.