Wyze spotlight

I have the little spotlight add-on for my cam V3. When I first set it up it would turn on for 10 or 15 seconds automatically when it sensed motion. Now it turns on, but never turns off. If anyone has a fix for this I would greatly appreciate it.

What are your settings for the spot light? Here are mine…

Also, do you have any rules set up to control the spotlight?

Mine are the same. And no rules.

I haven’t had the best experience with my spotlight addon, either. Mine does its job once and then stops responding until you power cycle it. I don’t know if there’s a way to roll back the firmware, but this one has on it if that gives you a point of reference. I just figured it’s a work-in-progress and I’ll hang back until they get it fixed. Good luck!

I have the same issue; spotlight turns on when motion is detected but then doesn’t turn off. It does it randomly and the only way to turn it off is unplug the camera and plug it back in then it will work until it decides to hang up again.