Purchased 6 of Cam V3 Pro and I can’t make the spotlight auto-control work

I just purchased 6 of Cam V3 Pro and I can’t make the spotlight auto-control work. I wanted to try your supposed fix but (a) there is nothing called “camera settings” in the Wyze app, and (b) there is nothing called “Accesories” in the Wyze app. Are you certain that you’re refering to the current version? However, I did find “Spotlight Control,” selected “Auto,” and checked both boxes (“Motion is detected” and “Sound is dected”) but it does not work as advertised. I can dance naked in front of the camera wielding a chainsaw and play head-banger music at 100dB, but the spotlight does not come on.

Please advise.

[Mod Note]: Your post was moved to create this new topic as your issue is related to Cam v3 Pro (integrated spotlight), not Cam v3 with add-on external spotlight.

The spotlight on the CamV3Pro is set in the Cam Settings :gear: > Spotlight Settings.

Open the Wyze Cam V3Pro. Click the Gear :gear: Wheel in the upper Right, then select Spotlight Settings.

You are correct. The V3Pro is not yet compatible with Accessories. This refers to the External Accessory Spotlight that is ONLY available for and compatible with the V3 Cam.

These are the correct settings. Please be sure the cam sensitivity is set high enough to detect motion. Also verify that you have Detection Zone off.

Make sure your cam updated the firmware when you installed it. You should be on version