Spotlight not able to update to under device info

The spotlight cycles during power on sequence but I’ll not turn on when spotlight button pressed on camera display.

So thought I’d update to .16. I press the update button but
firmware never updates and still displays .11 version

Any thoughts on how I can get the spotlight working with
the new V3 cam I just received?

I just hooked up a spotlight to my V3 camera, and I can’t get it to work either. It is supposed to come on when motion is detected on the camera. Motion is detected and I’m notified, but the light does not come on. There is a test button?

Try to manually power off the cam and sign out and back in on the app

I have an update to my initial post. I had 2 new v3 cameras just purchased so I thought I would try the second one with the spotlight. There were at least 3 firmware updates to the camera which I loaded and tested the spotlight before each update. It worked every time with the new camera. And, when all the updates were done, I tried to update to on the spotlight. IT WAS SUCCESSFUL. So, I then replugged in the other camera that would not work when manually turning on the spotlight. it is now working!! Not sure exactly what the problem may have been. You might think that one of the plugs wasn’t seated well but the spotlight would come on during a power on sequence. Anyways, all is working now.

I had powered down and up several times and had reseated all connections. Nothing was working.

There should be a light bulb icon above the camera’s live view that should let you manually toggle the light on & off.

Thanks, Newshound. I saw that light bulb icon. It didn’t work, just like the spot light. I unplugged the camera and light and re-plugged them back together, and I logged out of the Wyze app and logged back in. Now the light bulb icon works. Tonight I’ll test whether the light comes on when motion is detected. Fingers crossed.

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OK, the spotlight works. Is there a way to have the spotlight only work between midnight and 6am, and only when the camera senses motion?

Anyone have an answer to this question?
Is there a way to have the spotlight only come on between midnight and 6am, and only when the camera senses motion? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

You can turn the Spotlight on, but turning it off again is not as easy.

With many devices, you can set a Device Trigger rule that says if it has been on x minutes, turn it off. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do that with light devices added to a camera.

So what you could do is set a Device Trigger rule that says “if [camera] detects motion, turn on Spotlight”, and set that rule to run only from midnight to 6 AM.

What will happen is the spotlight will come on with the first motion detection, but will never go off.

So you set a second scheduled rule: Turn off the Spotlight at 6 AM. Or set several rules to turn it off once each hour, or whatever you like.

OR, with the use of a second device (Bulb or Plug, for instance) you can set a 2-step rule – turn the spotlight on with motion detection AND turn the Plug or Bulb on too. Those devices have a “has been on for” rule. Then you set a second rule that says if the Bulb or Plug have been on for x minutes turn the Bulb or Plug and the spotlight off. :slight_smile:

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