Floodlight Control on need basis

Wyze Cam floodlight will have these settings

In App path: Wyze cam flood light → settings → accessories → floodlight
will have these options

  • Brightness Level : Low to High
  • Floodlight Control
    1. Auto - Turn on when dark (will have few options), Timer (light will stay for x sec’s)
    2. On - Flood lights remains one all the time
    3. Off - Flood lights remains off all the time

Here the Auto will do where ever there is motion detected light on for a while (based on value selected from Timer drop down) when it it was dark. So day time it will not turn on ideally no one wants in day time to be turn on.

Here my intention is, I don’t want to disturb my neighbors/walkers/vehicles with floodlight on when there is motion in dark time till 10:00 PM local time. But after 10:00 PM to 5:00 PM I want this feature to alerts with floodlight on when there is motion detected by cam. This I am unable to achieve.

I sent email, had chat with agents, talked over phone no one is understanding. I need tech team who did programming may understand my issue I am experiencing challenge.

chat agents and over phone asking to set rule. I already fully studies all the available options for wizen cam floodlight. the available options are “Turn on floodlight” and “Turn off floodlight” along all other useless options.

These rules will not helps me.
Everyday I am doing this to achieve my object.

  • 10:00 PM localtime i will open the WYZE app and traverse to above path and selecting Auto
  • Whenever I woke up in morning i will open the WYZE app and traverse to above path and selecting Off

No one is understanding my problem, Please have this bring it to arch’s/leads/tech team who designed (s/w or programing) settings in app


Hi Team,

Solution is very easy. As on today rules for Wyze Cam floodlight has below Actions are elevated along with other Actions

  • Turn on floodlight
  • Turn off floodlight

In addition to this, you should add these actions to resolve this problem

  • Turn Auto on floodlight
  • Turn Auto off flood light

For better understanding refer screen shot attached to original post

I don’t see “Turn Auto on floodlight” or “Turn Auto off floodlight”. Can you elaborate?


there is no “Turn Auto” feature right now to create a rule. I am asking wyze team to enable along with floodlight on & floodlight off.

Yes, I need “Turn Auto” action for floodlights as well, please!