Wyze pro floodlight Cam

I just installed my Wyze Pro Floodlight Cam yesterday. Had a very tech savvy friend help me. For some reason the floodlights are not working correctly I’m sure it’s something I’ve done but I’m totally clueless. This is what I want it to do. I want the floodlight to come on when it detects motion. I d9 not want it to be on from dusk to dawn. Where do I go to get that setting. I’ve looked at every YouTube video I can and I cannot figure it out.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @barbaraday2785! :raising_hand_man:

In the Floodlight Pro settings go to the Floodlight Settings. Then click on Activate when Camera Detects “Motion”

There you can select if you want all motion events to activate the floodlight or just People or Vehicles.

To keep the floodlight from being on from Dusk to Dawn, go back to the Floodlight Settings and select the Ambient Light selection.

Turn off Ambient light to keep it from coming on per a schedule.