Wyze Floodlight - dim/low brightness and switch to 100% brightness upon motion detection

Currently Wyze Floodlight with V3 Camera works as expected but realized few things can be updated to improve the functionality

  1. option to keep floodlight on at Low setting
  2. if Motion is detected, floodlight can switch over to High Setting
    This will allow users to keep light on without impacting their electricity bill and have minimum light in their backyard or frontyard
    This can be achieved via rules or automation if possible…

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It really doesn’t have this basic functionality? I was about to buy 4 from Home Depot….glad I didn’t!

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Wyze Floodlight motion/no motion settings

I would like the Floodlight to be set at, less say 1% at night when there is no motion, then change to, let’s say 100% when motion is detected.
I have installed your light at my parents house, they live in the county, so it’s very dark at night. I would be nice to have some ambient light at nigh for them.


Wyze Floodlight Cam scheduling

Need ability to program my floodlight cameras as follows:

Turn on at dusk
Turn off at midnight
Switch to sensor mode from midnight until dawn.


I would like a feature that allows me to adjust how long my Wyze Flood light stays on.

My Wyze floodlight only stays on for a few seconds when triggered by the motion detector. I would like a feature that allows me to adjust how long the flood light stays on. 15 to 30 seconds instead of 5 which seems to be the factory preset.

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Hey, you can adjust how long the floodlight stays on in the devices settings > Accessories > Floodlight > Timer


Is/has this functionality being/been addressed. Having this functionality would make it possible for me to get a second light.

What feature are you talking about?

I would like the floodlight to be on at night, at a low level (like 14%) and then switch to 100% when a trigger event occurs.


Ah, this wishlist item would be moved to the #roadmap when it’s being worked on. It takes a lot of votes before Wyze will notice it.

You solved this for me


Came here to make a post in Wishlist about this but see it’s already here!

I bought 5 of these Floodlights. I guess I just assumed it had a typical floodlight behavior where it can be on dim from sunset to sunrise but then go 100% when it detects motion but after messing with it a bit I see I can’t do this even with rules. ARGH! It’s so close I think but not there.

I don’t know which way would be better or easier for Wyze to implement the quickest (wink wink) but I can think of two methods…

  1. For the floodlight and in the floodlight settings have the light come ON when it detects PIR motion to the percentage set in that section for the time set in that section. Then, with a RULE, from sunset to sunrise, have the light just be on at a percentage you can set within the rule. For example, light would be on all night at 1% but if it detects motion turn light on to say 100% for 1 minute. After the time limit was up, it would go back to the setting in the rule if a rule existed for it.

  2. For the floodlight and in the floodlight settings have the light be on from sunset to sunrise at the percentage setting in this section. Then, with a RULE, when the PIR (or camera?) detects motion turn the light on to the percentage set in the rule. Might take a second rule to turn it off… after motion stops for x minutes.

I have to hope this is in the works because it’s a fairly standard type of operation for a flood light! Thanks, Wyze!


Yes - yes - yes!
Wyze please update to this ‘common’ feature!


I agree - so disappointing to find this functionality missing when it is already found in non-smart lights that cost less. You should be able to toggle on both dusk-to-dawn and motion, with a separate brightness setting for each.


I would really like a dimming setting for the floodlight

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Adjustable from 15 seconds to 15 minutes

Given that there is updatable software both in the app and on the device, this should really be a trivial thing to add. And indeed this is a very common feature on “dumb” floodlights.


What version of the flood light do you have? I do not see the option on my floodcam menu anywhere

Are you enrolled in campus? If this is the case then this is a deal breaker!

Make sure you have it set to turn on when motion or sound is enabled, and it should be there. Can you send a screenshot?

I have it set to turn on , on motion. I was missing the timer option just come to find out is hidden under Accessories >> Floodlight

The timer should really be located under the rule so we can configure different rules with the timer.