Wyze Floodlight Settings-Stay on Until Motion Isn't Detected

I am a newbie to Wyze but have installed 3 Floodlights at my home. I really like the products except…

I was looking for some assistance in the programming or settings features of this floodlight.

Once the floodlight motion sensors activate the floodlights…

I want the floodlights to remain on and illuminated until motion is no longer detected by the sensors.

Currently, I can only select how long the floodlight stays illuminated once motion has been detected. After that selected time has expired, the floodlight turns off. I want this light to function as a motion light for practical purposes of illumination-not just a deterrent for trespassers.

Any assistance in helping me adjust the settings for my cameras would be greatly appreciated (No matter how complicated! I’m willing to spend the time to figure this out)


I’m noticing similar issues with mine as well, its seems that once it loses internet connection, it defaults back to Factory settings.

Was there ever a solution/workaround(using rules or IFTTT) that would keep the floodlight on while motion is still detected?

When we are out on the deck, it keeps turning off after the timed period and then we have to wave our arms to retrigger and have the light come on again.