Floodlight Schedule Issue

I am trying to schedule the floodlight so it turns on from “Sunset” until 11pm and then turns to “Auto”. I have tried everything with the scheduling command and it has been unsuccessful. This is actually for two different floodlights.

I tried setting up a shortcut to “Turn on Floodlight” just to see if it would work. It turns on one of the floodlights and not the other and it only turns it on for the timer specific time (15 seconds). This leads me to believe that the “Turn on floodlight” command is to literally turn it on for the timer specified time and not actually turn it on for good.

I am at a loss and considering returning these floodlights because the only command that works is “Sunset to sunrise” but I am nervous my neighbors are going to complain that the light is on all night. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t think this is currently possible, but if you wanted those functions added to rules please add your comment and vote to this wishlist request.

Is there a reason you need to do this? The motion detection works great on the floodlight if you leave it in auto.

Mostly because I am also using these lights to take the dog out at night, etc, and I can’t use the wall switch or else I’ll lose the functionality of the camera.

Hi msfrat123,

Could you please let me know a bit more detail on how you setup your rules? I just perform a test on my floodlight with a rule like “turn on the floodlight” with a schedule “8:30PM”. And set another “turn off the floodlight” with a schedule “8:40PM”. And the floodlight does light up all the time for that 10 minutes.

similar programming issues with schedule any on/off LIGHT time while in AUTO Detect mode with CAM motion(no PIR), fixed by cycle power to entire Flood Light. what made me try complete power off is I tried POWER off by app would give error, so i turned off light switch.
Maybe i not see power cycle mentioned in user guide.
So far all good, did not change config of any setting.