New Floodlight light operation issue

have two of the new Floodlights - both are set for the light to go on/off at sunset/sunrise via that option in the settings. One of the lights is not turning off/on correctly despite being set exactly the same as the other that is working correctly. thoughts? (all firmware up to date)

This is dangerous when you’re dealing with as many people that are on different firmwares. Between the production releases, the beta releases and of course people that forget they’re working in projects or something (it has happened in the past).

I’m going to guess you’re on the regular production app, but can you fill us in as to what firmware it is running exactly?


iOS - fully updated
iPhone 10

WYZE app - 2.280 (a11)
both floodlights (bought and installed at the same time)
floodlight fw:
plugin version:

all appear to have the settings exactly the same. One operates as expected - flood comes on at sunset and off at sunrise (via the setting under “floodlight control”). The other, the light comes on/off at random times and this morning had to manually be turned off (via the auto/on/off setting in the same floodlight control menu). thanks for any assistance.

Have you tried resetting the malfunctioning one from within the app. I had one doing some weird stuff after a power cycle and resetting it within the app made it behave again.

resetting both the floodlight and the camera via the app only produces a temporary result. The following day it returns to sporadic performance of turning the floodlight on/off at random times. Because I have another of the same, bought and installed at the same time, makes me wonder if this specific light is just busted and needs to be replaced. Any suggestions on how to get that done via Wyze?

Try calling them. They do answer the phone. My experience was that there wasn’t someone on the other end that was very knowledgeable on this light, but since you have 2 they would probably do something for you replacement wise.

I’m having some similar but different weird issues with mine . It works fine for 2 or 3 days, then fails to set notifications for motion or person. I reset it, then it’s ok for 2 or 3 more days, then we repeat. I’m hoping a future software update will fix this, but it’s annoying in the meantime.

The only other thing I’d suggest (other than calling them) would be to delete it and set it up all over again fresh. I kind of doubt this would fix anything, but it could be worth a try.

I was attempting to remove the device from the app and add it back (as if it was new) but when I went to go thru the setup process, I’m now getting this weird audio glitch and the unit will do nothing else.

Just logged in and saw this. Not sure what to tell you other than power cycle it and try setting it up again. Call Wyze for help. FWIW, the latest software updates fixed all my issues. Good luck.


One of mine just did the exact same thing - were you able to get any resolution from Wzye?


they sent me a replacement after calling them and going thru a process for them to approve it.

Thanks for quick reply - i’ll give them a shout