Floodlight won't turn on if I have our 40 watt wall sconces turned in

If I have our two 40 watt wall sconces turned on, the floodlight won’t seem to turn in even if there trigger is set to PIR motion on either sensitivity. Off I turn off the wall sconces, it will light up immediately of they is a small amount of motion.

Is there a light requirement for the light to turn on? Is there a way to disable or adjust that light sensitivity?


I can’t seem to find it but someone recently posted a very similar complaint/question. (I don’t know the answer.)

Well no and no the light sensor see light so it will not turn on use black tape and cover up half of pir sensor and see what you get,on mine I left less than 1/4 open

Are you adjusting the PIR sensitivity under the camera’s Settings > Accessories > Floodlight?

I wouldn’t expect passive infrared sensors to be affected by a couple of 40W lights. If you are triggering off the camera, then anything is possible.


It isn’t an issue with the PIR sensors, but rather with the light sensor threshold. With other lights on, the floodlight is reacting as if it is daytime.

The variety of solar motion lights I have tend to be rather aggressive, and will come on during a heavily overcast day. Apparently Wyze designed the Floodlight to stay off unless it is almost totally dark.

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It seems like something that can be tweaked with a software update to the app and a firmware update on the floodlight.

I just installed the floodlight camera today and none of the auto settings (PIR or motion) will activate the floodlight. If I change the setting to have the floodlight on all the time, the light works. Unfortunately, this makes it useless as a motion sensor light. Any suggestions?

Did you try after dark?