Floodlight PIR weak or faulty?

I setup the floodlight above the back door 16’ above, when walking out it doesn’t turn on til you walk about 6-7’ out. That’s like a 30 degree blindspot directly below. No issue being detected w/standard floodlight installed at same location. I’ve tried the pir sensor at level, and tilted. Tried ALL floodlight and PIR settings. latest firmwares. fails to trigger for dogs. Also has poor range being detected coming back toward house. Is the PIR sensor this weak or i
might mine be faulty.? thanks

I have not experienced this. Mine turns on basically as soon as I exit my door, without having to be far away from the doorway first.

You said you tried all the floodlight settings like this:

I would try contacting support then:

An alternative is to change it to control the floodlights just based off motion detected by the camera, though that introduces issues from car headlights triggering it, it might be better than triggering later than desired when needed.


Hi, yeah it’s setup w/ those settings now, just like that screenshot. I’ve tried degrees of near/far, low/high, (w/all sections on) all w/no improvement. I prefer to have floodlight motion detect via PIR, not via camera (camera also isn’t tilted low enough to trigger backdoor).

I got it off Amazon while it’s been on sale ($80). I’ll have to contact Wyze support to get their thoughts before any next steps w/Amazon. Thanks for the input :+1:


Were you able to get this fixed ?

I’ve noticed that the pir sensor on the floodlight is very faulty , it can be unreliable . It’ll get triggered by bugs , cats , rain , wind , etc even when set to only turn on when motions detected by the pir sensor . But when a person walks across , it’ll either have a long delay to turn on or never turn on .