Floodlight Cam & Headlights

I Give Up!!! Spent 6 days, countless hours, talked to chat multiple times, submitted log, posted here. Cannot get the camera to quite reacting to headlight reflections. Set & reset settings to every conceivable setting. Did everything but stand on my head `& wave my feet. This camera is packed up & getting returned! Never been so frustrated. We have Arlo cams around the house & had no problem setting them up. This thing is really developed not to work for a driveway. By the way our driveway is 100 ft. Long, but the darn lights still set off the camera. Will never buy another Wyze product again!

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How did you set the floodlight ?

Go to the v3 , click on the gear icon > scroll down to accessories > floodlight > how is the floodlight set to turn on?

Have you tried blocking the road abs areas the cars headlights will trigger the v3? Try and lower the camera to just cover your driveway

I have used Arlo before. How do your Arlos not trigger from headlights? Are you paying for Arlo Secure subscription with Person, package, Vehicle, and Animal Detection? And are you just talking about notifications? Because if that is the case, then that is the reason why your Arlos aren’t triggering notifications on headlights. If you get Wyze’s equivalent Cam Plus subscription, it will do the same thing as the Arlo cams as far as notifications are concerned (only send notifications when AI detections are recognized).

The problem here is that you are also using a floodlight and currently this floodlight only allows triggering from either motion or PIR. I looked at your other post and I can totally see why you are understandably frustrated, and I can see why you returned it.

Sorry to hear you had struggles, and that Support wasn’t able to help. At least Wyze has a good return policy so that you can be taken care of. :+1:

I just wanted to clarify that I’ve found that the Wyze cams can do everything the Arlo cams do if you set them up the same way, only Wyze is less expensive. In this case, the problem isn’t about notifications, but limiting the floodlight to only trigger when there is an AI detection (like only turn on when there is a person detected), and this floodlight doesn’t currently have that option, so it seems like it wasn’t a good fit for you in this case, understandably.

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Hi, No we do not pat for a secure plan with our Arlos. We have Arlo Pro 2’s that we can receive 7 days of cloud storage free for videos. This not the reason they don’t get triggered by headlights.They work. Wyze is cheaper but now I know why.
When I 1st contacted support, they admitted headlight reflections are a problem they are aware of. Tried to fix. I just can’t anymore after spending so much time on settings & hubby at the age of 71 climbing up & down a ladder multiple times to adjust the camera. We are both done.

All pixel-triggered cams do trigger on headlights, that is true. PIRs are better, as they trigger on heat.

Ways around headlights include using person detection at night, or just shutting down the pixel detection system and using a separate PIR sensor to trigger the camera. That’s what I do.

But for both the floodlight’ PIR and the separate PIR detector you need for the camera, be sure they are positioned to only see the areas you are interested in monitoring. You don’t want the PIR sensors seeing cars on the road out front, or people passing on a public sidewalk.

For me I have an overhang that protects the sensor from seeing the street or sidewalk, and I turn it a bit to eliminate pets, kids, and lawn mowers in my neighbor’s yard.

That PIR sensor triggers the camera 24/7, and I turn pixel motion detection off on the camera at sunset, and back on at sunrise. Works great. :slight_smile:

Not my Arlos, they are not triggered by headlights reflections. They go down to record a cat to a truck. Are house is 30 ft from the road. Wyze Floodlight was installed under an overhang above garage doors & garage is 50 ft from road. To get it to stop detecting headlights had to turn down to 2 & point camera almost straight down. Defeated the purpose of having it because it wouldn’t detect anything & only a small spot right under the camera. Yes I tried those settings your suggesting. Road is not seen anywhere by the camera. No go, packed in the box going to Home Depot this morning for a refund.

Same thing here !

I posted this because my floodlight would turn on constantly due to heater exhaust. Since I changed the setting it has rarely turned on by false positive. Hope this helps.

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Happy to hear I’m not the only one! Whats funny, not funny is the first couple times I chatted with support, THEY admitted this is a problem & production team working on it. After that crickets. I only kept this account to see if I got a response. I will remove my acct & app shortly. Floodlight returned, got refund from Home Depot. I wanted to send an email to corporate but could not find an email acct. Only the form email on support site.

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