Wyze Floodlight Cam (v1) Firmware Issue

Is there a fix for the Wyze Floodlight (v1) after flashing the firmware for rtsp?

I have several other v3 cameras that I use the rtsp firmware without issue, however it looks like after flashing the camera with the rtsp firmware, the floodlight function is no longer working.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get the floodlight functionality back in the app and fix this firmware issue (I made for myself?).

Alternative custom firmware that gives Floodlight control to Home Assistant would be ideal, but mainly I need the Floodlight not to turn on anytime the camera is access like it currently does with the rtsp firmware.

Thank you!

Is there an RTSP firmware for the floodlights?

I was able to flash the cam v3 rtsp firmware to the camera using the memory card… but that broke the link to the floodlight.

I read (after flashing) that this would occur. Some fixes I’ve seen for fixing the floodlight accessory not being linked to the camera is to unplug the camera and plug it back into the floodlight, but those fixes haven’t been linked to the issue of the rtsp firmware.

If someone has experience with this and does believe that would fix it, I’ll climb up and open everything up to attempt it, but if there’s no confirmation of this fixing anything I’d probably just uninstall and return the device if I bricked it.

But where did you download the firmware file? I’m not even sure there’s an RTSP firmware for the floods. If you flashed the wrong file, then you’ve bricked it.

It was with the Cam v3 rtsp firmware. So yeah, it’s bricked.

There’s no factory default firmware reset or anywhere to download the correct firmware for the floodlight V1? Guessing no, but worth the ask.

Appreciate the confirmation at least :pray:

You can try and flash the stock flood firmware.

Do you have a link to download it to install via the SD card? Or know how to force an OTA update?