Doorbell not detecting delivery drivers

My doorbell picks up anyone that comes to the door except deliveries… Multiple people come and go from the front door every day and it almost never misses, unless it’s a package being delivered and it misses 100% of the time. Are they able to block detection? They’ll deliver something and i won’t get a notification or recording… but 1 min later it’ll trigger when i peak my head out to grab the package off the porch… I have the latest firmware and it’s been like this for several months, nothing new

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Exactly the same thing happening to me. I dont understand. It picks up leaves and trees blowing in the distance. Literally everything except delivery drivers and packages. I have cam plus… whats the deal?!

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Same issue here. I sometimes catch a car driving by or tree branches blowing in the wind, but no one walking up to the door.

Are there recommended settings? For both detection sensitivity and detection zone? Getting to some level of consistent and acceptable behavior would be good to establish trust in the device and then proceed to personalize settings.

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I too have been VERY AGGRAVATED by this!
My Wyze DoorBell videos the mailman everyday sticking a letter in our mailbox on the front porch but FAILs to videotape or announce the FedEx guy that drops off a huge box of frozen foods in plain view of the Wyze Doorbell Camera, early when we are still asleep and it sits there in the sun for hours and half the food everytime rots and has to be thrown away!
We posted RING THE DOORBELL on the FedEx Delivery Manager site but the drivers ignore that and my own Wyze DoorBell camera fails to videotape notify us, even though it used to!!!
PS Yes we have VOIP Notifications turned and for a birthday party it verbally and loudly notified us of every guest coming through the front door, but NOTHING for the important frozen food deliveries!

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Have you confirmed you dont have a detection zone setup, and that your settings are all default? If you have camplus or lite, you can toggle recording and notifications of events. If not, try resetting the device. Delete the cam from the app, then hold the setup button on the cam to set it up as a new cam again. Make sure to delete it from the app first, or else it will retain its settings.

The same thing happens to me. Just got back from vacation and not one of my deliveries were captured, but my neighbor feeding our pets was captured every time.

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+1 very frustrating that deliveries are not captured when everything else is.

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Same here, for some reason everything is captured except Amazon, FedEx and UPS. I’m not sure why this is a thing. Tried increasing sensitivity and detection area but no dice. The only thing that happened is that I’m now capturing cars driving by.

Does anyone have a solution? Pretty annoying I must say.

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Same with me. It only records me when I open the door to retrieve the package AND I have the full section package :package:

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Same issue here. Packages delivered, no events recorded. But wind blowing the trees, i get tons of notifications. Terrible product, i wish i bought something else.


My doorbell will pick up light changes, tree branches waving but rarely will it pick up a car pulling into the driveway and almost never a delivery to our front porch.
The other day my wife went to the grocery and it recorded all the trips she made in and out to bring groceries in.
Is this forum monitored and are solutions ever posted?
Seems a lot of people have this issue, has it been addressed?
I like the image quality of the camera but the software obviously has issues.
Checking other brands to see if I should change over to another doorbell.

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Which doorbell model?

I noticed that when it detects a delivery person it doesn’t flag it as a motion event but a “Package” event – I’m thinking those that aren’t getting notifications for package/vehicle events may not be subscribed to Cam Plus+ and it’s not falling back to a generic “Motion” event for those users?

I noticed this behavior with the Doorbell V2 yesterday. Then, as per usual, my detection zone settings went away (entire grid got turned off) overnight. So you might want to check those in the app. If you’ve noticed they are all grayed or reset, I’d suggest submitting a log via the in-app Wyze Support → Submit Log functionality.

Also, side note for those who get frequent tree triggers, in the app (with CamPlus) there is a prompt on an event video to “help Wyze improve the algorithm.” Use that to flag those videos as “Tree” so they can improve the algorithm on detecting (and discarding) those.

I’ve noticed this of late… just last night as matter of fact…

Driveway cam caught the truck pull up… they come up drive way…

NO events on doorbell! NOTHING. Till I come home later and nearly kill myself on the box…

This about #3 on the no events for deliveries… one of the most important… thankfully the driveway cam nailed them… but I am about to the point of looking to mount a camera there, a non doorbell camera to keep this covered… I really shouldn’t need to do this. SIgh… This is why ring was junked… not responding to ding dongs, capturing stuff, be it motion or otherwise…

This JUST HAPPENED. Drivewsy cam grabs them… doorbell nothing… and it just caught me as i left from lunch…before that…

This is no longer a coincidence or funny.

Very suspicious…

Ok… well you better reboot the AI as it obviously failed today!!! :slight_smile: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nailed the delifery guy today! Furst time in at least 2wks!!!

So some broke something! :slight_smile: got him from the drive to the door…

Hmmmmmmmmmm…the plot thickens…