Detection and notifications not consistent

I have been a Wyze user for many years. I have many types of cameras and sensors, and I am familiar with managing settings in the app. I have a problem with Camplus, regarding detection and notifications.

I have a Wyze doorbell (wired). I have had Camplus in the past, but turned it off due to it being unreliable. I bought some new cameras for other parts of my house and decided to buy Camplus unlimited so that I can add AI detection to all my cameras. I hoped that since I last used Camplus, the quality would have improved, but the service is still having issues.

Issue 1. On the doorbell settings in the app, I have smart detection turned on for pets, people, and packages. Vehicle detection is off. In the notifications, I have notifications turned on, detect Wyze AI events on, and detect any other motion off. I have restarted the doorbell many times, restarted the app, but often receive vehicle notifications. When I review the video, yes I do see a vehicle driving by in the street, but I do not want to be notified. My guess (I hope I’m wrong about this), is that (1) the “notifications” setting for “detect Wyze AI events” includes all AI events, including vehicles, and there is no way to selectively choose which notifications to receive, and (2) the notifications is separate from the smart detection in under event recording. Is there an explanation for this, or something I am missing?

Issue 2. Does anyone know the difference between a delivery person and a porch pirate? That’s right - they are the reverse of each other. I don’t expect the camera to know the difference, but if I select notifications for “detect Wyze AI events”, I at least expect it to notify me when a person and/or package is in view (front porch area). Sometimes this works, but more often than not, it does not work. I tested this myself. I took a package-size box, walked right up to the porch, and dropped it off (the same as a delivery person would), then walked away and out of view. I waited, and waited. No notification. I walked back, picked up the box (now I’m the porch pirate), and walked out of view. I waited, and waited. No notification. Keep in mind that the field of view for the doorbell camera has a clear view of the entire porch area. This detection and notification works I’d say about 10% of the time. I am quickly reminding myself of why I cancelled my previous subscription to Camplus.

Any ideas?