Doorbell camera not catching all events

I noticed that my doorbell doesn’t capture everyone someone coming in or going out of my home. Why does it not capture all events is it a delay where it won’t capture every time you leave or enter your home


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Do you have a Cam Plus Subscription?

Doorbell Cam’s without a Cam Plus Subscription are subject to a 5 minute cooldown between upload Event Videos.

Yes I have a Cam plus subscription and also Cam protect subscription

With a Cam Plus subscription the doorbell “should” be activating and uploading with every motion event.

However, I also find that the VDBv1 is my least sensitive cam. I have the sensitivity now set to 100, up from 80, and it still doesn’t capture all events. I am going to clean the lens to see if that may help.

To make matters worse, the notifications from the doorbell are delayed 39 to 45 seconds while the V3 overhead captures more events and notifies quicker.

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I have the same issue. doorbell camera pro, have subscription, and see many many events not triggering recording. frustrating

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Very frustrating because that’s the purpose is to catch all events when it comes to your home


Sadly have to say… I’ve noticed this too on several occasions which are really the point of this camera…

Deliveries…for one thing…

A couple not noticing me coming in/out from mundane tasks… but still…

I think this is all related to the last FW as many of the issues I have now, were not present BEFORE THIS FW update… I only upgraded initially for Alexa which is clearly a dud, and then the forced (DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!) one…


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The main reason I bought the entire set up was to make sure my family is safe when I’m not home at work. Now I catch myself constantly watching the camera because it’s not working properly catching all the events especially if it’s not catching people come in and out of the home. Wyze needs to fix this glitch immediately

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I also feel that the firmware update did not improve things. out of the box, the camera seemed to work consistently. now it does not detect so many things, but … I know it’s something to do with settings, because night time detection is so much better.

is there a way to restore to factory defaults?

No. Once the firmware is installed, it is stuck there. There are no reversions to older versions. A Factory Reset is done by pressing the Reset button, however this will not change the firmware, only require a new setup in the app. If you didn’t delete the doorbell from the app, all your user settings will also remain.

Thank you very much. I will factory reset (again), delete the app and start over.

but, just to clarify, at night I record cars driving up and down the street which is what I would expect. However in the day time, I don’t see any vehicles on the road, and the mailman suddenly appears as if captain picard beamed him down from space.

During daytime hours … I “should” ?? be able to detect cars stopping in front of the house, school kids walking through my yard, not to mention a school bus or 2. Am I off base with that assumption?

thanks again

No, you are on target w\ your expectations. Others are experiencing the same.

So… possibly another firmware update on the horizon since multiple users are affected or time to go shopping?

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I’m not sure. It may just need a settings refresh. I have mine updated and it is uploading events. If it persists, may be a candidate for Fix it Friday next month.

I’ve now had THREE (3) of these events… and of course this is when situations I want to monitor have occurred… ie: deliveries… Fortunately the Driveway Cam got’em… but… the doorbell… and honestly if I dig a little deeper I think there may be more… its just the hyper vigilance of deliveries makes this glaringly obvious.

So I think this needs to go in the FiF Dec 2023 list.