Doorbell NOT sensing intruder

My wife thought she heard someone tampering with the front door handle and I didn’t think much of it because I didn’t receive a notification. THERE WAS A F@&$ING intruder when I opened the app. The doorbell did not SENSE ANYTHING. Wtf WYZE

And it did NOT RECORD. I have 4 cameras and I’m questioning reliability.

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Scary! Hope things turned out ok!

Would you like help troubleshooting? What are your camera event recording and notification settings? Camplus? Free cloud? Do you get other events and norifications from that camera?


We’re alright, thanks.

Detection setting on with 30 sensitivity. Motion detection on all day. Notification and motion on. Night mode on Auto.

The one caveat is I got the doorbell 2 days ago and have yet to activate PLUS.

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@Omgitstony asked some really good questions. the answers could explain why this happened. Additionally, what is your sensitivity settings? Also, are you using a detection zone? What firmware do you have installed (are you a beta user?)?

Regardless of the answer to all those questions, I have to add to confirm that I have recently had missed event recordings the last couple of days on my VDB and my front V3. I have Cam Plus on both of them. But the last few days, people have come up to my door, and my Eufy alerts me, but I somehow never got a Wyze alert, so I go back and check my events history and Cam Plus didn’t record any event at all (My sensitivity is VERY HIGH and covering my whole yard too, so there is no way either of those were the issue, and it almost never missed events before, so this is some new recent bug…though I am enrolled in the beta program), not even motion or anything. I had to look at the SD card to find the person coming to the door.

There is definitely some weird bug recently acting up and causing missed events lately. Others have shared recent instances of this, and I can confirm it has been happening to me just this last week, and it is not normal. Normally it has really high accuracy and reliability for me for the last several months, but this week it has totally missed some that are completely unexplainable. I would’ve submitted the event, but the problem is that it didn’t record any event to submit…hard to submit an issue about a void that is not submittable or verifiable…but I am guessing this OP’s account is because of the same glitch I’ve been experiencing recently with missed events (despite having cam plus).


OK, for you, if you haven’t activated CamPlus, that could explain it. Without cam plus the doorbell has a cooldown period AND it doesn’t do person recognition. Basically it is only really useful if someone presses the button.

You can set it up to alert you to any motion, but then a leaf or bug or anything can trigger that sensor, and then it will disable the alert for another 5 minutes. So if a bug or leaf or plant or car or someone across the road or anything happens, then it wastes a 12 second recording on that thing that doesn’t matter, and won’t record or alert you when an intruder shows up within that 5 minute cooldown period. That’s why I put Cam Plus on my VDB. You should have gotten a free 14 day trial to use on it and see how you like it. Make sure you have it turned on and turn on the person notifications because that is totally creepy that someone fiddled with your door!

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How often do you get motion event notifications then from the doorbell? How soon before the “intruder” did you receive the previous event? I wonder if the incident happened within the cooldown period of the free cloud event recording.

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Went for a walk 6 hours ago, it captured our motion when leaving the front door. Nothing was detected when this stranger was tampering with the door about an hour ago. I just added another PLUS subscription. Hope this doesn’t happen again.

I am also very sorry you are having this issue. Having had several incidents at our home I can understand how you and your wife feel.
I would strongly recommend that you take the time, now that you have activated Cam Plus, to test and adjust your settings and make sure everything is functioning as it should and as you intend. If you find that it is not working properly, contact Wyze Support
Live support is also available: +1-206-339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT.
The second thing I was strongly suggest is that you report the incident to your local Police Department. They may have other reports in your area and/or may increase presence as a deterrent. It’s not something to take lightly.
Please post back here and let us know how it works out.