Why do I only get a very few events from my Video Door Bell (VDB1)

I installed my new VDB1 a couple days ago and so far am totally disappointed. It captures some events but not others to define events I’m referring to me walking up on my front porch within a few feet of the doorbell and walking away. sometimes it gets it and sometimes it doesn’t . Yesterday we had a package delivered to our front porch and the doorbell did not capture it. I’ve set my Motion Detection Sensitivity as low as about 3 and as high as about 50 which does not seem to make a difference. When I first hooked it up the Detection Zone set for full and it captured cars going by so I closed it down quite a bit, but I’ve opened it up more to about half the lower part of the screen so a person should trigger it, and sometimes does . . . sometimes. It misses way more than it records. My phone is Android and my VDB Firmware Version is

Is there a reason your leaving the sensitivity at 50? Try 100. Also, keep in mind without cam plus there’s a 5 min cooldown between events.

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