Wyze doorbell didn't record a Wyze security package delivery


Wyze home security package was recently delivered and Wyze doorbell didn’t record that delivery. There was no other event on that day until I noticed an email from Wyze that the package was delivered. Any idea why that could be?


Zero events? I guess you have a tightly defined detection zone. Usually cars and leaves and animals cause random events during the day

Someone could have tossed the delivery and not been in view long enough to trigger anything.

increase your detection sensitivity to over 59%, focus your detection zone, too the walk-up area of your front door

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Without knowing what your device settings are and more information about your setup it’s going to be hard for the community to guess as to the reason this was not picked up on the camera. If you can provide screenshots of your settings pages and a shot of what the doorbell’s view is, the group here could provide a more focused guess as to what happened and how to prevent it in the future.

It’s like going to the car mechanic and saying I have a problem and not telling them what type of car and any more information about the problem. “Paint the picture” is what I like saying. Thanks in advance!


Thank you for your responses. Detection sensitivity was set at 41% without any detection zone. I changed sensitivity to 82 now.

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I’d start at 100 and back off from there because you’ll be more informed as to what you are catching verses missing.