Wyze Cam v3 event playback video stutter SOLVED?

I have multiple Wyze Cam v3 cameras with CamPlus. Only one of them has been experiencing the event playback video stutter problem. Today, I decided to replace that camera with a new Wyze Cam v3. I got it all set up and everything was working fine. I checked the event recordings and they played back just fine – no stutter. After confirming this, I then went ahead and configured the settings like I had them configured on the prior camera. And then, I went to look at another event…

… And, the stutter was back!!! In fact, strangely enough, there was no stutter for the beginning of the video playback and then the stutter returned toward the end of the video and then continued on subsequent events.

So, I decided to back the settings out one by one. One of the last settings I had changed was to turn off sound recording (under Advanced Settings). So, I turned that back on…

… And, the stutter was gone! Event playback was smooth as silk again!

I then went back to my old v3 camera that had the persistent event playback stutter and turned on sound recording. It now has smooth event playback again, too.

So, if you have been experiencing this issue, check to see if you have sound recording turned off. If so, try turning it on and see if that resolves the problem for you. If so, maybe this will give Wyze the info they need to reproduce and resolve this problem once and for all.


This didn’t fix the stuttering for me.

This worked for my v3. Weird how turning off audio can affect playback like that but it did.


I have posted this issue in the current Fix It Friday thread with hopes that Wyze will take notice and fix this bug.

To support it, please visit the thread and vote for it by clicking the link below and “like” the post.


This did not work for me either.

This was great discovery MainMan21 !!
I also have Cam+ unlimited, and this has been an aggravating issue for me.
Hopefully they can get this stuttering on event playback fixed. You can still view events, and it is not as noticeable on 4X playback so I have been just dealing with it. It only happens on my V3 Pro and V3 cameras. The V2 cameras do not have this problem. The event videos play smoothly from the Webview side. I always thought it was an App issue, but some say it is in the firmware? If it is the audio being blocked that causes the stuttering playback, I have a problem with the solution. Several states have laws about recording audio conversations. Supposedly you must have permission to record conversations from the persons being recorded? That is the main reason I turn OFF “Record Sound” in the Advanced Settings on each camera.


Thanks SlabSlayer for posting this on “Fix-it Friday”!
Hopefully WyzeJasonJ will pick it up and get it in the “package” to send to the developers.


This solved the issue for me! One of my v3 cams has had this issue for at least several months. Turning back on audio completely fixed the playback stutter


This is promising. @MainMan21 thank you for taking the time to report this. I can confirm, after turning the “Record Sound” option back on, triggering a new event, the resulting event playback no longer stutters.

Hopefully, this will prompt the developers to finally identify the cause of the stuttering, and release a fix.

Naturally, there was a reason I had sound recording turned off, so I’ll be sticking with firmware if and until a fix is actually released.


Thanks, @SlabSlayer glad I found this. Stutter temporarily gone on 2 anyhow.:+1:

You’re welcome.

Unfortunately, the bug didn’t get picked up for the Fix it Friday this month. It will need to be resubmitted until such time as Wyze finds it a priority and fixes it.

A new Fix it Friday will be opened up this Friday for December.

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I am trying to get this problem added to “Fix-It-Friday” for January 2024.
Please leave comments on the Fix-It-Friday thread and/or submit logs!


It looks like there are a lot of people figuring out the root cause of the V3 CAM PLUS event playback issues. I did not see the OPs post until I started searching for the word stuttering.

I started a new thread regarding this same issue here: 3 out of 4 V3 CAM PLUS cameras have stuttering / freezing playback when not recording sound/audio

I’m going to cross link this thread with the one I started.

Time for WYZE to fix this issue, which others have determined started with firmware release: (October 18, 2022)

If we manually flash our firmware back to (May 18, 2022), the stuttering goes away.

See this thread for more on that: Latest Firmware update for V3 causes major video stutter

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