V3 stuttering video on live and SD playback

I’ve been getting horrible stutter whenever I view either the live view or SD card playback on my V3. I’ve tried a factory reset, SD card reformat, and made sure it has a strong WiFi signal. Firmware has updated several times and none have alleviated this issue.


Try disabling the hardware decoder in the apps settings page. This has fixed the issue for some.

I checked and it was already disabled. I tried enabling, and no difference unfortunately.

Same issue here, live stutters and is very unreliable.
Camv3 right beside it is rock solid…

I looked for the hardware decoder option in settings, but I can’t find that setting anywhere… specifically what menu is it located in?
on IOS device.

It only exists on Android

Check the video again sometime tonight after dark and see if it works then. We have another thread going about many of us that can’t stream in 2k during the daytime (freezes and studders), but it works fine at night. If it works at night, you may want to add yourself in that thread.

Here’s a link to the thread:

My single V3 camera running firmware version has the stutter problem.
My six V3 cameras running firmware version do not have any stutter problems.

I manually upgraded the one to try out the new firmware. After visiting the forum thread for that firmware release, I see there is a known issue and they paused that firmware. That means the last two “releases” for V3 firmware were pulled back due to problems. Is there any wonder why people are complaining about WYZE firmware releases?

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It’s hit-and-miss. That’s why people are annoyed by Wyze’s support. Lack of consistency. In my case, unlike your experience, all my doesn’t work smoothly at all, It never supports smooth video playback, ever. Now a few of my v2s are suffering the same symptom. I waited and checked the users’ input too. But that doesn’t prevent everything.

My cam is a normal V3, not a pro. Would that make a difference?

I’m on version .2864 as well but the stutter has been an issues for many previous versions as well.

I installed a Blink system for my parents back when it didn’t require a subscription and they run flawless with near instant notifications.

Yeah, things are getting pretty bad as of late. With each passing year their firmware releases and products are becoming less and less reliable.

There is no chance in high heaven that I would consider their new WiFi routers. I need a reliable network. Reliability is the last thing that comes to mind when I think WYZE.

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Sadly you’re right. I’m heavily invested in the Wyze ecosystem but the lack of updates and constant bugs are getting old. And I agree, there’s zero chance I’d buy a router from them. I was having network issues from the quantity of devices on the network so I just added a prosumer AP to handle my wireless and now things run flawlessly.

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Ah, I’m not sure then. The problem I was describing has been with the V3 Pro. Sorry for the confusion.

I have Hikvision NVR as main system and TP-Link(TL-IPC series) as backup. I don’t mind subscription system if it worked as advertised.

I hope you’ve patched your Hikvision system as it’s known to have an exploit that makes them vulnerable to attack.

It’s on isolated IP network (physically disconnected) so it isn’t an issue.

Isolated as in only on your local network or does it have internet access?

On my local only network with plenty of air gap.


Had this with other standard security cameras and it was the power supply. Either not enough current or unfiltered DC? A different and more powerful wall wart solved the problem. These little cameras do need a lot of clean power. Worth a try maybe?