WYZE Cam V3 Playback from SD card stutters every second

My Wyze Cam V3 playback from SD card stutters every second. It just stops a bit and continues to play.

Not issue when playing back 12 second clips from the cloud.

What type of sd card is in the camera and how big is it? Do you have any other SD cards you can try in the camera to see if it does the same thing after you check its playback? Just trying to determine if the issue follows the card or stays with the camera. Your retrieval and play of the cloud video is from completely different location than the SD card on the camera so that’s unrelated.


Also, what firmware are you using?

Is is a Micro Center 32GB micro sd card

Firmware: I just updated to, now I see I am asked to update to

Yes, that’s an update pair. One sets up the other.

I have many V2s and only one V3. Only this V3 has playback stutter issue. All use the same kind of sd cards I bought from Micro Center. When I have a chance I’ll insert a new sd card to V3. It is an Airbnb unit so I don’t have physical access all the time.