V3 Pro live view constant stutter

Just received 2 new pro cams, set one up, updated firmware, put in a new SD card, when viewing live view it’s stuttering hard, shows fine for 3-4 seconds then freezes up. Over and over…
None of my other Wyze cams have an issue… Signal strength is good.


Take a look at this thread. Some of us have the problem during the day, but it works fine at night.


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Having the same problem…I replaced a v3 1080 with the new pro 2k and found the pro v3 freezing. When I remounted the pro v3 closer to the router it got better but still on occasion freezes…v3 1080 never had problems.
I have a eufy solar charged 2 k and it is 3 or 4 times the distance from the router and has no problem….many are also having the problem on other boards…

Time of day doesn’t seem to affect mine. It’s 9pm almost on the far east coast Canada and my camera works for about 10 seconds then freezes for a bit, then plays again and on and on…

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Obviously there wasn’t a lot of testing done… I guess the quality goes in after the product goes out…

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Is this issue being looked at? Had to change back to my v3 because the v3 pro keeps stuttering and freezing on any quality with excellent connection. Can’t believe the “pro” is actually a downgrade from the original. There’s only been one firmware update since I got it and nothing for almost 4 months now. $55 piece of junk

unfortunately I can’t comment because my internet has been slowed down due to seasonal rate so I can only watch on SD…however before I left they were experiencing freezing issues “on Apple” but supposedly the new fix would take care of it. When I do go to 2k now it is better than it was before but not perfect.

When I return and go back to high speed internet I will check it out and post.

I’ve not seen any freezing at all and the cam is at about 50% wifi signal quality at best. Am adding in an outdoor wifi AP today or tomorrow though and will be interesting to see what happens at 100%.

Have u spoken with support?

I have a V3 Pro outdoors above the garage door under the eves and I have never seen it stutter in live view. The cam has a good signal, my internet is 200 down and 22 up and the cam has been set to 2K from the day I installed it.

B4 going away Wyze agreed to a return if when I get back and still had issues(update had not been released)they would allow a complete return . I didn’t realize Comcast seasonal package slowed down the internet so at this point in time not sure if problem is camera or speed…but it does skip 2 or three seconds in 2k…SD is fine…wish it was 2k and 1080
I saved the email​:crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

You should do a speed test and see what Xfinity is doing. This is mine using a VPN, I am not in Oregon I am in California using Xfinity.

It’s ok I knew they were going to slow it down because they also cut the monthly bill in more than half. Also actually had to cut a couple V3s back to SD.
Thanks for the info though👍🏻

I m back to full speed internet and back from hiatus…
It appears the v3 pro is working properly.

Now Question for y’all…
How is the new v3 pan camera working out ?