Wyze Cam V3 Pro Pixelization Issue!

When I open the Live Stream view on one of my V3 Pro cameras, I get a horrible pixelated live view - sometimes it will clear up in a matter of seconds and other times it never clears up.
Am running iPhone 13 Pro Max - iOS 15.7 - using Google Fiber Mesh router system that has excellent WiFi strength. The 2nd camera live view will clear up in a matter of seconds!
Anyone else having this issue - really need to get this corrected or cameras will have to go back. Note: Recordings do not have this issue!!

Same issue. also not able to view live stream, it is frozen in 2K view but works in SD and 360. So tired of the issues

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No issue here in live view or recording in 2K. iPhone SE 2020 iOS 16.1.1, WYZE app.2.36 (14). Using a regular Motorola Cable Modem/Router. Camera firmware


I hear you of the issues! No problems with my V3’s or Wyze Pan at all - Doorbell was a nightmare until latest firmware update.

When you save a picture or a video is that still pixelated too?

Funny thing is that my recordings are fine also - it’s just the live view. However, the SD card recordings on this camera are horrible.
My back camera is not having any of these issues, including the SD card recording - go figure. Plan on doing a Factory Reset and see if that corrects issue on this camera. If not, will be contacting Wyze Tech Support - if they can’t figure it out, camera will be going back for refund!

The video I posted was from Live view and saved on my phone photo/video album. I have a 128GB Samsung high endurance card in the the V3 Pro and all of my V3 cams. Recordings from the SD on my V3 Pro is just fine also. I will see if I can find a short one (less than 5.0 MB) and post it tomorrow.

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Cam Plus recordings are fine - recordings to SD card are pixelated sometime, but not always! Image posted was saved from Live View & was pixelated - son said it was 360P.
Tonight, Live View, Cam Plus recordings, & SD card recordings are operating normally - nothing changed on my end! Cannot explain this - tomorrow it may be crap video :grimacing:
My 2nd V3 Pro has never had these issues - go figure!


Sounds like the only difference here is the SD card, luckily I am the SD card nerd around these parts. What type of card are you running?

The pixelation in live view is still weird though… I’m still trying to figure that one out

I’m using the Wyze 128 GB micro SDXC card - ordered with cameras and using the Continuous option on the recording to card. As I stated, everything is working properly tonight - maybe the Gremlin went elsewhere :grin: Just hope it doesn’t return!!!

I spent this afternoon troubleshooting this issue. I factory reset one camera and tested it inside house - 2K live Stream worked as it should! I moved the camera to the farthest corners of home away from mesh router and it worked great!
I then placed camera outside and immediately the Live Stream 2K froze - the actual image was in 360P [pixelated as posted image above]. I placed the camera in Standard Definition and Live Stream shows fine! Mesh router WiFi signal strength shows as “Very Good” - 35.5 Mbps.
I then did events to have camera record to Cam Plus - on playback, these recordings are in 2K video without any issues!
This looks as if this is a WiFi connection issue with camera - if that is so, do not understand how it uploads recordings to Cam Plus in 2K without issue! I put in a ticket today and uploaded a log with image. If Wyze cannot get this figured out, then camera will be going back for refund!!!
Update: Wyze Tech support is reporting other customers with this same issue!
Update 2: Since my last update, I have discovered that around 5 PM CST both my 2K cameras start working as they should! The live stream view is in 2K and there is no freezing up or pixelation - the next morning when I get up, the issues start up again. I have checked everything I know and cannot figure this out! Have found nothing on my end that changes that could cause this!!
Update: On 12/14 Wyze released an updated firmware Ver: I updated both cameras and have been using them for 2 days. Issues listed in this post have now been fixed! Thank you Wyze!

I bought 2 of these latest cameras and they are a nightmare. I am having the same issues you describe. I should have stayed with the v3 cameras (non Pro), as they have always worked beautifully.

Sometimes new is not better. These are going back for a refund.

Sorry you are having these same issues - no dang fun! Odds are that my 3 will be going back also. What’s crazy on my end is that around 5 PM CST, the 2 I have connected start working properly - no issues. Something changes & it is every day! My Cam+ events are recorded in 2K and playback fine all day long!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own a v3Pro and I do not pretend to be an expert, buuuut… fro what I can gather, looks like you folks are loosing quality during the day. Is it possible that you are on an overcrowded channel? I had similar issues with most of my v3 cameras. Once I went into my router settings and changed the channel from Auto to 6, all my issues went away.

Just throwing it out and seeing if it sticks :rofl:

Unfortunately Google Fiber mesh routers do not allow me to change channel. I did set up a guest network that only operates on 2.4 gHz & it didn’t help!

Not according to this: Configure advanced Wi-Fi settings - Google Fiber Help
and if that’s the case I would never buy it. I need my router to be as flexible as possible unless I don’t have a choice due to ISP restrictions.

That still doesn’t help as you don’t have a choice of channel. Your router picks the channel that it thinks is the least congested.

The link is for the old Google Fiber network box which is not used today. The mesh routers are controlled via Google Home app.

I was in touch with the Wyze tech support on this issue and they were working on our issue. On 12/14, they released new firmware for this camera. I updated both cameras and the issues that I was having have now been resolved. Cameras connect faster and the pixelation has cleared up.

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