Latest Firmware update for V3 causes major video stutter

I made the mistake of updating two of my three v3 cams today before noticing that ALL videos now play back with terrible video stutter.

The v3 that I didn’t update is not experiencing the issue. The videos that were recorded by the updated v3s prior to the firmware update are also just fine, so it’s not an app issue.

I guess I have to go download some firmware…

How does something as obvious as this error make it through testing?


Testing? :wink:

Seriously, not good to hear. I assume you cold booted everything…

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Sorry to hear about this. What version was your cam on previously, and what did you upgrade it to?

Can you share a video of the stutter?

Is this in events, live view, SD card recording (continuous or event only?), or manual recordings?

Yes, I cold booted both. No change.


And this is Whyze I check the forum for other experience with the upgrade…

I always let other enjoy the firmware bugs before I decide if it is worth the headache of upgrading :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I can confirm the issue is resolved when I go back to the prior version of firmware -

Both cams were fixed by going back to the prior version.


Still on .139 and I am going to stay there for a while. :grin:


Experiencing the same stuttering on event playback on app v2.36.0 (96) and v3 firmware v4.36.10.2864 on Android 13

Please share videos and how they were recorded so we can see what your talking about and attempt to reproduce. Thanks!

After updating the WYZE app to v2.36.0 (96) and v3 firmware to v4.36.10.2864 on Android 13, event playback is stuttering, and not in the way it would for typical buffering; you can see the playback time slider momentarily pause and then continue moving in hops of consistent duration.

I just checked 4 of my V3 on this FW & same PR App Android 11. Event Player timeline is smooth for me across the board.

Could it be the result of a connectivity bandwith issue in viewing? Does it repeat the same if you move your device to a different network?

Same result on 3 different wifi networks as well as cellular.

Yeah, I saw the other thread that you posted in. Others are also confirming an issue. Odd that it isn’t systemic and only affects some users.

Is it just the cloud event video player or is the SD playback also jumpy?

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Solely occurring with the cloud event player. Associated event playback from SD card is fine/fluid.

I would be curious to know if it happening in the stream up or the stream down. If you download the video after it plays, and it studders on playback, that would indicate a Firmware issue in the actual video record. But, that should also affect the same saved video on the SD. :thinking:

If it is a server side file issue, it should also be seen in the download.

If it is an app version player issue, the download file should play fine outside the app.

Just thinking w\ my thumbs. Thumbstorming™ ® (registering that now)! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lmao thumbstorming :joy::ok_hand:

Ok, I just checked and downloaded event videos playback fine with no stuttering. So, it does appear to be an app version player issue.

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Last troubleshooting test… Promise.

What happens when you play the same event in the Web View? If it plays clean then I would be fairly certain it is something w\ the app on certain devices.

I lied… New test… What about playing it in an app on a different device (if available)? Again, if it is clean, it is either a device OS\app conflict or the app plugin itself.

The new Beta App was released today. Might be worth a shot to see if that has the same issue.

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Does it always stutter at the exact same time across all events, or diffrent per event. If you replay the same event, does it stutter at the same time each replay?

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Two posts were merged together that exhibited the same issue. Merged to.collect all experiences related to this in one place. :slight_smile:

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Cloud event playback in tinyCam Pro works fine/no stuttering.