Latest Firmware update for V3 causes major video stutter

Across all events – they’re all stuttering.

It’s doing it ~once per second on any event played.

If I replay the same event, it stutters with the same frequency as the previous playthrough.

I should also note that the stuttering occurs throughout the entire duration of any clip right from the start to the end.


Whyze the firmware updates not tested well before release?

Their Beta testers don’t catch it?

The end users seem to be the Beta testers unfortunately.

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To add to this post, the reminder that these were the facts for me:

  • Two (out of 3) v3 cams upgraded to the newest FW
  • all videos after the FW upgrade for both the upgraded cams displayed the issue
  • videos for the v3 that I didn’t upgrade never displayed the issue.
  • the issue was seen via my Samsung phone and a brand new Samsung tablet - ie not viewing device apecific
  • issue presented via both Wi-Fi and cellular network
  • videos for the upgraded cams from before the upgrade did not display the issue
  • after I downgraded the FW on the two cams, no videos displayed the issue

You can say it’s an app issue, but clearly it’s not SOLEY an app issue, because downgrading the FW fixed the issue.

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After checking through a lot of events, I found a few that did this. Not specific to one cam or one cam model, and not specific to a length of event, just randomly. It seems to always happen around the 5 second mark.

Definitely not the same results your seeing, but something.

Log ID: 779090

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This seems to be becoming more common. @WyzeDesmond could you take a look?


Yes we also receive quite a few reports here. I will start the investigation. Thanks for the notice!


Any update on this. My V3 is doing this exactly. It was showing this after a firmware update a while ago. It would fix itself after another FW update then slowly creep back. Rebooting solves it very temporarily. If it helps, I see the stutter from cloud playback and SD card recording. I am also a paying member for cloud storage.

Add On: This issue made me check and looks like it’s happening to V2 and V1 Pan as well ouch. V2 still has 12 secs of cloud storage but V1 Pan is now only 4 secs. When did this happen?

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Same problem with both of my camv3, stuttering on every video event. It’s been happening since beginning of January. Performed all of the suggestions, uninstalled wyze app, reinstalled, unplug, plug back in, clear event’s, and notifications, re set up, relocated cams to others outlets, etc. NOTHING fixes it. I submitted logs, and sent emails with Mac addresses, video examples Still waiting to hear back.

Hi any updates on this? I have the same problem as described here. A reboot of the camera fixes the issue for a short time, but after some time all recordings have stuttering.

I reduced quality to the lowest and nothing improved. Can someone describe the process to rollback the firmware version? Thanks.

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I have had good luck rolling forward on v3 firmware. I updated yesterday to version and so far the video stuttering is gone.


Been waiting for this! Fingers crossed that I can access the new firmware soon for my Cam v3’s !
Thanks for the encouraging update StevenA!

I Review my V3 cam’s daily .

Today, I get an update ur V3 request ?

I Checked wyze’s " What’s New", nothing that new, was there, except 03/22/23 update.

Either the update notifications are late or this is a really new update ?

Which, is Which, or What ???

The 3/22/2023 firmware update was a gradual release. I had one v3 offered the update on 3/22. The rest were offered the update yesterday.