V3 Video Playback Issues on Cam Plus *Android Only* - OK on Cam Lite / IPhone

I have multiple V3 Cams. One is having issue with cloud video playback of events for the past month or two. Worked without issue for 6 months prior. Every video skips, jerks, stutters or just won’t play at all (still image only). Wifi signal is good. I’m on the latest firmware. FWIW the issue seems to have crept up around the same time as the firmware upgrade. Playback via SD Card works without issue.

Two key observations.

  1. The issue is only present on my android phone (Pixel 7) and NOT present when viewing the video via IPhone doing side by side comparison.
  2. The issue goes away completely when switching the camera from Cam Plus to Cam Plus Lite. (I’ve seen this reported by others before)

Other relevant steps taken to resolve with no luck:

  1. Reset / Reconnect / Restart Camera multiple times
  2. Remove and Reinstall Android App.

The fact the issue only happens with Cam Plus and not Cam Plus Lite is super suspect. I would think it might be an Android app issue since playback is OK on IPhone, but why is only one of my three V3 cams affected?

Anyone have similar issue and find a resolution?