Cam Plus Lite cloud playback ALWAYS stalls -_-

Seriously, will the problems ever stop?

Playback of 12s cloud clips almost never works now!

Playback will start then stall with a spinning wheel and very small (varies) data number that is just frozen there. I can play back clips fine from SD cards thru the app but almost never able to play the cloud recording. This is a new problem and started recently in last few weeks.

  • All Cam V2s firmware
  • iOS app is up to date
  • Rebooted router multiple times
  • Recordings play fine without issues from SD cards.
  • Live view works as expected.
  • Problem is identical on independent WiFi networks, cellular data (ATT and Verizon)
  • Cams are all set to continous recording
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My four version 1 battery powered WCO are all on Cam Plus lite and the 12 second cloud videos all play instantly and without issues, Iā€™m using iOS. Must be a V2 cam issue ???

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I wish I knew!