Cloud clips rarely playing

Any tips to get cloud clips to play consistently? I have cam plus lite and I bet 80% of the time the one I want to play won’t on either my iOS or android devices.

I have a mixture of models and strong WiFi. Playback from the SD card always works, so I’m pretty sure it’s something with the app or cloud server.


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What errors or behavior are the 12s clips showing when you try to play them? Do you have some screenshots that show this? There are a couple telltale markers that might indicate if it is an upload error or a streaming error.

They show as snagging when trying to load, usually a few kb up to 2mb, then just sits not finishing or playing. Tried clearing cache along with several things on different devices. Been more frequent the last 6 months to year.

Lagging video. Can’t really help on the iOS devices, but try enabling the Hardware Decoder in the App Settings for the Android.

Not specific to IOS or device, I have android devices that act the same.

If your apps are up to date, I’m not sure what advice to give you. Do you have any cams on Cam Plus to compare the two?

No, just lite. Did for a while, but I let it expire. I’m just wondering why since the clip made it to the cloud. Usually I can get another clip to play from earlier on the same or different cam, which tells me it’s there, just not playing.

If it is an error on upload, there are usually signs this is the case… An error message or a green question mark or a 0s time indicator. Those can be explained.

But, there have been other posts from users who have recently indicated that a cam moved from Cam Plus to Cam Plus Lite suddenly experiences a Cloud Event Video lag. I haven’t had the time to test it yet, but here is a post about the same issue:

I’m not sure why this would be happening. I haven’t read anywhere that there was a resolution or explanation.

Here are the threads discussing it: