Latest Firmware update for V3 causes major video stutter

Thank you for providing a link Antonius :wink:

Reverting to also worked for me – no more lag/stutter during event playback. Thanks!

Yup. That’s why I’m here my cam plus is nothing but stutter fest. Very annoying.

For me, the Event stuttering on v3 has persisted since November, 2022. So far, I’ve held off on reverting to because I’d like to see the issue through to proper resolution.

The one curious thing I discovered is that when viewing v3 Events through tinyCam Pro’s “WYZE CLOUD”, the clips have no stutter whatsoever. Only within the WYZE app itself do they stutter.

This makes me suspect it’s something specific to the combination of the WYZE’s Event player in the app, plus a firmware version >

I’ve sent videos to WYZE staff showing identical v3 events being played in the WYZE app (stutter) and being played in tinyCam Pro’s “WYZE CLOUD” viewer (no stutter).

I’m on currently and the issue continues to persist.

I was so pissed that it got removed from Fix-it Friday claiming it had been resolved when I specifically reported every time that it wasn’t.

I hesitated to post the example videos publicly because there’s a recognizable landmark across the street, but if perhaps I’ll do a new set with events of me in the backyard for a bit more anonymity.


I agree this needs to get fixed, the stuttering is very noticeable on event playback. I have Cam+ too, and it started after the recent Android App update for me (Android 2.42.5(294)). the V3 Pro got a firmware update around the same time, but the playback from Cam+ stutters on the V3 and V3pro cameras. When playing back from the SDcard on the V3Pro, I get stuttering and motion blurring of the video sometimes. I have tried it with and without the hardware decoder option. It needs to be added back to Fix-it Friday.
V3 cameras all at
V3 Pro at

So I have 10 v3 cameras and updated the firmware just recently on all of them to I notice flickering, bad picture, and a pink/purple tint on about 5 of them, the others seem to work fine. I’m not sure if it’s because the ones without issue tend to be in better light areas. They all seem to work well during the day so it’s definitely a night time problem for me. I turned on the night vision (instead of keeping it auto) and that helps but now my picture is black and white basically. I would really like my cameras to work how they used to without having to go manually flash an older firmware.

*Edit Here is a video example

Additional videos.

Looks like the night vision shutter is stuck to me.


I wouldn’t know if it’s a night vision shutter issue, but when 5 out of his 10 v3’s started doing this right after a firmware upgrade, seems like firmware is the root cause.

It’s posts like this that are the reason I went back to and still on - because it works.

Yes I know not all people have issues with newer firmware versions, but many still do.

If there was a way to easily revert back to the old firmware, (tech support pushing me out the earlier update or reverting back through the app), I’d revert back right away. Unfortunately, I believe I need to do it manually and the cameras are split between 3 different locations and I need a ladder to get to each one. Moving forward I’ll be less willing to hit the “update all cams” button when that pops up on the app… that’s for sure.

Oh I’ve realized a connection on why it’s 5 of my 10 cameras. I previously purchased 4 cameras for one property and then I purchased the two packs they were selling at home depot (6 total). 5 of the newer ones are the ones giving me issues.

I believe my v3 2-pack Home Depot cameras came with firmware when I purchased them Dec 2022.

The V3 cameras just got a new firmware update on 7/13/2023 to
The V3 Pro is still on from June 2023.
The V3 and V3 Pro videos that play from the EVENT player using the Wyze ANDROID app version 2.43.5(313) on a Pixel 6a or Pixel 4a/5g with Android 13 with July Security Updates stutter on playback. If you log into the web view at Live stream - Wyze the v3pro and v3 events play as smooth as silk!
It must be Android app related. I have tried it with the “Enable Hardware Decoder” switch off and on.
The V2 cameras do not seem to have this glitch, I don’t have any Pan V1 cameras still on CAM+ so I don’t know if they are affected or not.
I tried turning off “Adaptive Brightness” under system/display in the android 13 settings (did not work).
I even turned OFF “Developer Options” in Android 13 in case I had inadvertently changed anything in there, and still the event viewer video playback stutters on the V3 and V3 pro CAM+ cameras.

When I reached out to tech support, they had me download the new android app and told me that would fix my issue from above, it didn’t. They must have confused whatever issue you are having with that issue I had. I see the firmware update you mentioned but the app still says my older firmware is up to date. I wonder if they are going to push that out to everyone soon? I hope that will correct my issue. I’d rather not get up on a ladder to roll back my firmware version on 5 different cameras.

You are better off going back to the older firmware and just leaving it on The reality is the newer firmware(s) aren’t providing new features, they are just attempting to fix issues. The video stutter issue that I created this thread for last year, still hasn’t been resolved for everyone. Some people have no issue, unlike me and you.

Clearly, based on the issue you reported, they are breaking things with new versions of the firmware.

Since I know they test this stuff, there must be hardware component as well, because I can’t believe that if you’re on the current firmware and the latest software that everyone doesn’t have the same problem. was solid and if you use it and just don’t update the app, you’ll be much happier.


If I remember correctly, that was the version where they fixed the issue with the bigger memory cards? If so, that firmware was working perfectly for me. I think it must be a hardware issue because my older V3 cams don’t have any issues and my newer purchased V3 cams are nearly all having issues.

My point is a little work now to go back to 9.139 and just leave them on that version will save you countless hours of trying to resolve issues now and in the future.

For me, no updated firmware has resolved the video stutter, so why go through the guaranteed pain now and again when it gets broken in the future, which it will.


We attempted to convert back to the older firmware but were unable to successfully complete it. It failed after several attempts.
We rely on our 2 CAM PLUS V3 every day and night and have learned to live with the stuttering. Sad, right? But the overall reliability and quality of the videos is still very good. We are still hoping for a fix to the stuttering and are reluctant to order any more Wyze products until it is fixed. We agree that there must be other issues or everyone that had a cam plus v3 would experience the same stuttering.
Thank you for your input.

Our two cams are the V3 cam PLUS (not Pro) and they are up to date with the latest version of firmware being
We moved the cams from Android to IPhone and they still stutter. If we RECORD from live or record a video from either one of our Android or IPhone, they DO not stutter in the cell phone recordings. They only stutter when they are retrieved from the Cloud.
But thanks anyway!

It kind of seems like its not the cams there but your network or internet, or the Wyze servers. The firmware might do nothing anyway.

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