V3 Event Playback Stuttering

I’m at firmware and both my v3, events playback at 1x is stuttering (slow, like 1/2x) so 2x is what 1x should be and 4x is 2x.

Live and downloaded video seem fine. Just when you’re trying to playback from events.

It was fine BEFORE the last firmware update (Hint Hint).

I have the same exact issue with my v3. It started 2 days ago. I also have a v3 pro that works fine.

2x 4x - you mean playback speed?
where is setting for that?

Open app
tap Events
choose a video
playback will be defaulted at 1x. Tap the 1x to change to 2x, tap again 4x.

I believe you need to be a Cam Plus subscriber, but check your events.

This thread has something you can try to get back smooth event playback with the V3/V3 Pro:

I don’t know if you have “Record Sound” turned OFF in Advanced Settings, but the originator of that thread said it fixed his stuttering on Event Playback. I have to block Sound recording though, so this is not a permanent fix for me. Even on 4x playback you can see a little stuttering on my event playback in Cam+ Unlimited.

Turning “Record Sound” back ON under advanced settings fixed the stuttering on CAM+ event playback on both the V3 and V3 Pro cameras I tested it on. Both cameras have the latest firmware updates, and I am running the most current Android App on a Pixel 6a with Android 14. It was smooth as the Webview playback. I then turned “Record Sound” OFF (the way I want to keep it), and the stuttering returned.

Android App Version 2.46.0 (368)
V3 Pro Firmware

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