Choppy event playback w/ Cam Plus

I have several Wyze cameras on my account - a few V3s, a can pan v2, pan v3, floodlight cam. All have worked well, except some started “choppy”/slow-motion event playback. It actually sounds exactly like this issue:

Some cams did this and some didn’t. I didn’t realize the cameras that were doing this were the ones tied to Cam plus. I recently upgraded to Cam plus unlimited and moved all my cameras to it, and sure enough, now all experience this issue.

To test, I removed cam plus from one camera (a V3), and enabled cam plus lite, and events now played back at regular speed. Re-added cam plus, and choppy again.

Anyone else experience this issue? I tried renaming the cameras as the above post did, but did not help.

I have Cam Plus Unlimited as well on all my cams.

I just tested Event Playback on Smart Detection AI tagged Events for my VDBv1, V3, OG, V3Pro, PanV3, and FLP Cams. All are playing smooth in Android App v.

But, I have the Hardware Decoder enabled in the App Settings and a new phone with an updated GPU and extra RAM.

What version of the app are you running? What phone and OS?

Pixel 6, Android 14 (also existed on 13). Hardware decoding on/off doesn’t matter.

Latest camera firmwares and Android app (2.46.0 368)

I’ve factory reset the cameras, too, same issue. Like I said, switching from cam plus to lite resolves.

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