Slow motion when viewing events on v3 camera and SD card issues

I have 3 v3 cameras all running on the latest firmware. One of the cameras has been giving me constant problems ever since the upgrade.

Whenever I view an event it plays the event in slow motion. Live streaming is fine. It also used to record to an SD card properly, but now it constantly fails to record. Sometimes it fails to recognise the card. The SD card is a Sandisk extreme 128GB

When it did write to the SD card and I tried to playback from the card, the event would play in slow motion. If I download the event to my phone and play it through the phone video player, the event will play at normal speed. So the issue is with the app or the camera. I can format the SD card through the camera and it is recognised and set to continuous recording, but nothing is being recorded. When it did record in the past, it would randomly stop recording.

The SD card worked fine on another camera.

The camera is mounted to the wall using the magnetic holder and I wonder whether this is interfering with the camera’s functionality. The other 2 cameras are not using the magnetic holder.

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The magnet to secure the camera is located in the camera base. The disk is just a piece of metal. That being said, the magnet isn’t the cause of your problem.

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Your problem is odd, maybe a defective camera?

Call Wyze support for assistance. You may need a replacement. :neutral_face:

Thanks, both for replying. Will I get support as I am based in the UK?

Funnily enough, I had the slow-motion events issue on another v3 camera a while back that was running an older firmware. Put it down to be defective and packed it away. Did not expect the same thing to happen to another v3 camera on newer firmware.

You could flash your firmware back to the previous version using an SD card and test your cam . As per the directions you will have to factory reset your V3 if you go back to as shown on the release notes. V3 directions in the second paragraph.

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