Pan V3 stutter

2 Pan v3s, logs submitted. Slow motion stutter when viewing event, but when same video downloaded, seems almost normal. It’s new for me. Log #

In live view though, seems responsive as usual, waypoints and all.

I’d upload the event video I downloaded but strangely, only shows stuttery slow stuff in events playback on both cam Pan v3s.

Firmware beta app 2.47.0 (b371)

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I’m experiencing something similar on my floodlight pro when I view an event in the events tab and I speed up the video using the 1x, 2x,4x speed.

Does the stutter happen when you speed up the video too?

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Mine seems to be 1x only, I rarely if ever speed it up

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The stuttering only happens when I speed it up to 4x

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Since I haven’t heard anything, I wanted to bump and also inform, reset and reinstall didn’t change the stutter in events. Only reset 1 camera of two.

I stumbled across a temporary fix for me.

I had to turn on record sound in advanced settings in the app, changed it, tested it, stutter gone.

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