Slow motion event playback

I own three V3 Pros since April.
CamPlus subscription since the day I installed the cameras.
Latest Firmware and Google (Android App).
SanDisk High Endurance microSDXC card

For about three weeks now I have one camera that plays back events at almost half speed, slow motion. (I have viewed at 2X speed and it is almost normal.)

  • If I view the same event from the SD card it’s at a normal speed.
  • If viewing live footage (from the app on phone), it’s at a normal speed.
    Based on those facts, logic tells me that my connection and SD card are fine, but something is not allowing the events on just this one camera to NOT playback events at the proper speed.

Is anyone else experiencing this, and does anyone have any suggestions?

I have, by the way multiple times now, tried rebooting the camera & my phone, logged out of app, cleared cache, force stopped, etc, etc, etc…all of which are really rediculous to even have to be done on such a regular basis for a security product.

UPDATE: Fixed.
From the lack of response I guess this was a very random occurrence for just me?
BUT, if anyone comes across this I found that yesterday, after about two (ish) weeks of this happening on my one camera, I renamed the camera, just to see what would happen…and it fixed the issue.

Again, after renaming the camera it works as intended.

Weird. Just for fun, try renaming it back to the original name and see what happens. That will tell you whether the new name was the key, or just the act of renaming it was the key.

I just renamed it back to the original name, and it’s still working fine.

Originally when I got it to start working properly, I just added a number “2” after the name.
Just took it out and it still appears to be working like it should. :tada:

I believe it was just the act of renaming it. (?)