Cam Pro lag...lag...lag

I’m not sure whether it’s the latest app update or the recent firmware update to the Cam Pro V3, but the last few days the Event playbacks are nothing but a slideshow

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Mine works just fine . Maybe it is your card, your Wi-Fi signal at the cam or your power source???

I am on Android 13 on a Pixel 6a and using version 2.42.5 (294) of the app. The replay from CAM+ seems to be choppy on the V3 and V3 Pro I have. I tried clearing the cache and logging off/on, but it still stutters. It is usable, but I preferred the old smooth version! Just for fun I tried enabling the Hardware Decoder under Account, App Settings (which used to be problematic in other areas), and it still has choppy playback.

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Maybe it is an Android thing ? I’m using the iOS app on an iPad and iPhone and have no issues at all with playback from the V3 cams or the V3 Pro cam.

It is not a deal killer, just an annoyance. I can still get what I need.

I just hung the Cam Pro 2K out of the kitchen window and up under the eave of the house.

It’s still just as laggy.

I was hoping it had to do with the angle, but that’s not the issue.

It never happened before the app update and Cam Pro updated.

Same for me. The lag started after I upgraded both my V3 Pro to the latest firmware. Using Android 13.

Before updating yesterday to the most current firmware and android app, my events on all three of my cameras started event playback very slow and choppy/stuttering on Friday, June 9.

I updated yesterday, and had to restart, shut down, unplug, etc a couple times, but eventually 2 of my cameras started behaving as they should and live view seems to be even quicker.
The third camera unfortunately is still slow and choppy on event playback.

For the record I use SanDisk High Endurance C10, U3, V30, 4K UHD, Micro SD Cards in my cameras
and event playback in the timeline plays back just fine from the SD card timeline, so it’s not the cards.

In summary, for me, the updates to firmware and app seemed to help two cameras stuttering and laggy playback of events, and not the third.

I owned a CAM v3 Pro for 12 hours. It took 3 weeks to go through the return process and get my money back.

There are some features I love about the V3 PRO like the image quality, but the 30 second skip menu (SDcard footage) is nowhere near as responsive as the one on the regular V3. I can blaze through footage using the 30 second skip on the V3/V2 cameras, but for some reason the V3 Pro interface is not as speedy. Sometimes it takes 2-3 seconds when you press the 30 second skip button.

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You just hit on the number one reason I boxed it up after 12-hours of use and initiated the return process.
The skip feature was WAY too slow. I was trying to use it on a bird feeder, which swings around in the wind. Even with a detection zone there are tons of “false detections” to sort through. With a v3 I can sort through an hour of video relatively quick. With the new UI forced on us with v3 pro, that was no longer possible. I could expand on my thoughts, but I think returning it after 12-hours of use speaks volumes in itself. The one good thing that did impress, was the microphone sensitivity when compared with a v2 and v3.

I agree, if they are going to move to the V3 Pro Playback UI, it needs to work as good or better than the old V2/V3 one.

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I’m on Android 11 on 2 different devices. Software v2.42.5 (294) on a One Plus phone and Samsung Tab A. Event playback has problems on both devices. It will start at 2-4 sec and freeze until 8-11 sec. This has been going on from the last update for about 2-3 mos now.

Forgot to mention that my wifi speeds are about 350 Mbps. All other wireless devices are working fine. Camera locations have not been moved.

I think it was the Android update 2.42.5(294) that did it to me (event playback stuttering on V3 and V3Pro cameras from Cam+). I signed out of the app and cleared the cache from inside the app. I also force stopped/cleared the cache from Android settings/apps. I turned my phone off/on. I rebooted the routers, cable modem, and double checked to make sure internet speed was good. I made sure there were no Android 13 security/system or app updates. I even tried turning off “motion tagging”, but it still stutters on Event playback from Cam+. I almost always put it on 4x to fast forward through the footage. It is definitely noticeable, hopefully it will get addressed in the next Android update.

I just checked two of my V2 cameras, and they do NOT stutter on event playback through CAM+ on my android phone.
I just used Edge Chromium under Windows 11 and saw that the V3 Pro camera plays smooth on event playback, so it must be an Android App issue.
I saw where someone in another post renamed his camera, and it fixed his slow motion problem, but this is more of a jerky playback than slow motion.

Looks like the new Android app version 2.43.0 (312) did not fix the stuttering event playback from CAM+
on the V3 and V3+ cameras for me. Smooth sailing on the V2’s I have though.
The V3s and V3 Pro Plays back smooth as silk using Firefox on a windows 11 machine, so it has to be something in the Android App or Android 13 phone settings.