V3 Event Playback Stuttering

This thread has something you can try to get back smooth event playback with the V3/V3 Pro:

I don’t know if you have “Record Sound” turned OFF in Advanced Settings, but the originator of that thread said it fixed his stuttering on Event Playback. I have to block Sound recording though, so this is not a permanent fix for me. Even on 4x playback you can see a little stuttering on my event playback in Cam+ Unlimited.

Turning “Record Sound” back ON under advanced settings fixed the stuttering on CAM+ event playback on both the V3 and V3 Pro cameras I tested it on. Both cameras have the latest firmware updates, and I am running the most current Android App on a Pixel 6a with Android 14. It was smooth as the Webview playback. I then turned “Record Sound” OFF (the way I want to keep it), and the stuttering returned.

Android App Version 2.46.0 (368)
V3 Pro Firmware

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