Fix-It Friday - 1/5/2024

You guys do a LOT of beta testing (app and firmware), I have never participated in that program.

Should I create the log while using the Event Viewer Playback?
Here are my detailed settings:
App Settings:
“Enable Hardware Decoder” and “Running in the background” are both OFF.
I have Cam+ Unlimited and all cameras are activated on it.
All cameras are in ONE group and they use detection zones and “Record Sound” OFF.
All have SD cards in them and are doing continuous recording.
Android App v2.48.0 (379)
V3 Firmware Plugin Version Activation Date 9/13/2021
V3 Pro Firmware Plugin Version Activation Date 11/07/2022
The stuttering happens on event playback on just the V3 and V3 Pros (not the V2s).
It happens on both my fully updated Android 14 Pixel 6a and Pixel 8 (could be phone related if Wyze uses the native video playback on the phone).
The Pixel 8 is a relatively new install too.
Special Note:
Event Playback does NOT stutter on the new Webview using Firefox!
After I sent in the Log File, I remembered to check Developer Options to make sure I had not changed any settings in there, but I had:
Windows Animation Scale was OFF
Transition Animation Scale was OFF
Animator Duration Scale was OFF
I do NOT like the shrinking window effect, so I normally turn that off on all my phones.
I went ahead and set all to 0.5 and tried it again and it still stuttered with “Record Sound” OFF. I also tried it with “Enable Hardware Decoder” ON in Wyze Android App settings, and it still stuttered. My only other non-standard camera setting I can think of is I have “Motion Tagging” OFF on most cameras.
Android App update today version 2.48.1(381) did not fix the stuttering on event playback.

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