Wyze Pan Drops the chosen detection zone

the wyze pan drops the detection zone that i have chosen and it goes on and chooses it own detection zone. even if i change it back than after some time it defaults back to its own detection zone. has anyone had this issue and how to solve this mystery :slight_smile:

I have not run into that particular issue, but I have seen similar ones.

The motion zone you picked can appear to be changing arbitrarily if:

  1. The motor shaft has slipped. Someone or something pulled the camera around manually by spinning the camera or pulling on the power cord.

  2. The plastic gears inside or the stoppers have broken.

In either case you may want to open a support ticket.

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I’m currently working with support on exactly this same issue on my new Cam Pan. Removing the SD card and 20 second reboot has corrected it but don’t have local recording capability anymore because of lack of card. Taking up with support on Monday again. Sorry to hear you’re having the same problem.